Healing and more changes

Recap…this blog has been a bit sleepy because well?  I haven’t been doing much since October 17th, 2015 except trying to heal from my crash.

IMG_6486IMG_6485I saw my Orthopedist for the last time yesterday.  I have been shocked by how little interest this doc took in even getting to know me.  After 4 visits, maybe a total of 15 mins spent with me I decided I am done with him.  Will work with my PT to finish off this rehab.  This is what I posted on my FB page yesterday about this particular doc.

My orthopedist is the crappiest doc ever. This is my 4th visit and as we discuss my leg he asks me “did you have surgery!” Spent 3 mins with me today and even went as far as saying this is where your break must have been. “What kind of break did you have?” “Did you have a cast?” OMG! I will stick to my PT from now on until I run out of visits. I trust my PT more with my range and strengthening.

Oh and the kicker was next visit bring all your medical records from the crash and we will go over them. What? So, I said you have all my records in my file doc. This is my 4th visit and thanks for your service but I will take it from here with my PT.

Still have pain in my ankle, shin and knee. Still icing and elevating but walking unassisted. I will work out a complete plan for 7 days a week with my physio and just take it day by day. Going on 22 weeks.

Cast came off February 8th.

Almost off, the relief was amazing
All that cotton and fiberglass was the cause of my claustrophobia


Good riddance

I managed to get another script for more intense PT so it’s official I can now work on strengthening and range of motion. I feel as though I have a long way to go but I see the light.  Have to be honest I am very shocked how long this break is taking to heal and for me to get to “normal”.

Last month my eldest dog out of three passed away.  Xander was 15.  Three dogs over three years is a lot of grief.  That was the final piece of my past that was keeping me in touch with my Ex.  Now that we have nothing together anymore, my marriage I would say is a thing of the past. While I am not divorced yet, she hasn’t finished what was started Jan. 2014…we both have moved on into new relationships.  I hope one day I will get papers to sign and wipe that slate clean.  I won’t do it since I did not start this.  I am stubborn that way.

Another change while I was reclining in a chair, elevating my leg for many many months I sent out resumes trying to get a job in the field of organ donation. Well?  I did out of no where get a call from an organization in Connecticut and hence started the interview process via the Web.  Had nothing to lose so I went for it.  Never really thinking I would get an offer.  After about 3 panel interviews I received an offer I couldn’t refuse.

My acceptance means I move again.  This time with my partner.  She wants to come to Connecticut with me and live an adventure.  Back into Organ Donation which makes me “happy”.  A job that not only challenges my mind, I feel like I make a difference. Death and dying tragically is tough on everyone.  Families, medical staff, recipients etc.   Unpredictable type of job, on call 24 hours, never know when it’s time to work.  I like that.  Hopefully get some quantity time away for rides, trips and New England exploration.  Training will be stressful as with any new job but I welcome it.  Move should happen by end of May/June.

Funny how my life was rooted and stable prior to being dumped.  Ever since January 2014 I really don’t think I have had any stability except my new partner and family.  Good things to have to keep you grounded.  My BMW F800GS awaits me to ride her from Gold Coast Motorsports.


Need more strength in my right leg before I take the chance in riding this old/new friend.

April/May I need to focus on getting stronger, back into shape and lose some of this cast weight gain.  My goals are to gain muscle and walk without pain.  I am willing to put the time in and put this fractured tibia and accident behind me as well.

That’s my update for now.  I hope to one day soon write about new dirt roads, traveling and my bike.  Seems like forever since I have been on the road.  😉

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

8 thoughts on “Healing and more changes”

  1. That’s very odd about the Orthopedist. Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know several Orthopedic docs and always found them to be engaging, with one exception. I did what you did in that case – said Adios, and found another doc. The PT folks are have always been my “friend”, so to speak. Keep at it – it will get better.

    1. This doc was a surgeon and really had no interest in me since he did not perform surgery. Just a poor bedside doc that I was actually embarrassed for him

      1. Funny how these things go. I had went to Orthopedic surgeon 15 years ago with sever back pain that radiated down one leg due to a disk problem. First thing out of his mouth was surgery. I said what’s my next choice? He referred my to a pain management physician who took care of the pain with an spinal epidural. my next stop was to a well respected nuero surgeon. He said surgery was absolutely not necessary and PT was his recommendation. That worked. I still have some back pain, but it’s all manageable with exercise.

  2. So enjoy everything you share. You’ve had quite a year. And taking, living , savouring each day, one at a time I’m confident you’ll look back on March 22 2017 and say you’ve had a wonderful year You are an inspiration. Enjoy today! 😊

  3. Sorry to hear about your poor experience with your doc. remember, They only have a license to ‘practice’, That doesn’t mean that they are any good. Also, fifty percent of the doctors out there finished in the bottom half of their class.
    As for your new adventure, Congratulations! What a great opportunity to start anew with a new partner, new job and new scenery. I am confident that you will regain complete, pain free mobility. You seem to have the will power and the goals that will drive you.
    Good luck and best wishes in all that you do.
    Take care. gm

  4. I know this sounds cliche but someday your look at this and see the “why”. You are making good choices and have a new opportunity. You are willing to do the work and have people to support you. I am looking forward to reading about your progress and success in the coming months.

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