Best Pics-Tiger 800XC Summer 2011 Alaska

If you want to read and see all the pics from our Triumph Tiger 800XC summer tour look into the archives for the dates June 29th – August 11th 2012 for all the postings we did live from the road.  Any questions about riding in Northern BC, the Yukon and/or Alaska please feel free to post them in the comments.  Thanks for stopping in!  Cheryl & Leslie


Batch #1

Batch #2

Batch #3

Batch #4

Batch #5

Batch #6

Homer and more

Some Dirt 


Last Batch

2 thoughts on “Best Pics-Tiger 800XC Summer 2011 Alaska”

  1. Interesting website, interesting (amazing) journey. I am new to the world of bikes and when I visited my local Triumph dealer I knew which bike I would purchase once the test was complete. in fact I placed my order in anticipation of passing. Some months on i’ve cruised around the UK and recently embarked on a trip to Wales with a friend on a F800 GS BMW.

    Now this was an incredible weekend, we had an amazing time but it left me thinking a lot about my choice of bike. In summary I am not sure how one defines adventure and whether or not the Triumph is an adventure bike. It is sooth as a bucket of shit on the road but take it to the trails and there are distinct difference between both bikes; ride heights, seating, weight distribution, gearing etc.

    I have a test ride on the GS on Feb the 4th. I never thought I would go down that road but…

    Anyway, happy to hear some of your thoughts.

    By the way I stumbled across your site on YouTube when I was watch a Tiger vs GS review.

    1. Good luck with your purchase whatever the bike may be/ Can’t go wrong with either a BMW or Triumph just depends on what kind of riding you do 90% of the time. That might help your decision other than test rides of course. Glad you stopped by our BLOG and hope you come back. There is a ton of info here and just for your own fyi our Triumph ride was from June 29th – Aug 11th. You can look for those posts as we did a ride report live from the road this summer.

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