If you want to read and see all the pics from our Triumph Tiger 800XC summer tour look into the archives for the dates June 29th – August 11th 2012 for all the postings we did live from the road.  Any questions about riding in Northern BC, the Yukon and/or Alaska please feel free to post them in the comments.  Thanks for stopping in!  Cheryl & Leslie


Batch #1

Batch #2

Batch #3

Batch #4

Batch #5

Batch #6

Homer and more

Some Dirt 


Last Batch


  1. Ben says:

    Interesting website, interesting (amazing) journey. I am new to the world of bikes and when I visited my local Triumph dealer I knew which bike I would purchase once the test was complete. in fact I placed my order in anticipation of passing. Some months on i’ve cruised around the UK and recently embarked on a trip to Wales with a friend on a F800 GS BMW.

    Now this was an incredible weekend, we had an amazing time but it left me thinking a lot about my choice of bike. In summary I am not sure how one defines adventure and whether or not the Triumph is an adventure bike. It is sooth as a bucket of shit on the road but take it to the trails and there are distinct difference between both bikes; ride heights, seating, weight distribution, gearing etc.

    I have a test ride on the GS on Feb the 4th. I never thought I would go down that road but…

    Anyway, happy to hear some of your thoughts.

    By the way I stumbled across your site on YouTube when I was watch a Tiger vs GS review.

    • advgrrls says:

      Good luck with your purchase whatever the bike may be/ Can’t go wrong with either a BMW or Triumph just depends on what kind of riding you do 90% of the time. That might help your decision other than test rides of course. Glad you stopped by our BLOG and hope you come back. There is a ton of info here and just for your own fyi our Triumph ride was from June 29th – Aug 11th. You can look for those posts as we did a ride report live from the road this summer.

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