Funny we have been using these tires since 2010 and surprised this reviewer just heard of them.  We get tons of mileage out of them and I would disagree on one thing.  Not a 50/50 tire, more like 60/40. 😉 We have them on our bike 24/7, 365 days a year. Have them on our […]

Partnering with Revzilla

Revzilla is an online motorcycle everything you could dream of site that we have now partnered with on our blog.  If you look to the right on any page you will see a Revzilla widget.  Feel free to click the “ad” if you want to peruse their site and make a purchase.  This is our […]

1st Impression Visually of the new KTM 1190 R

Maybe it’s a grrl thing but when we buy bikes we have to really love them visually as well as mechanically.  On Saturday, Jan. 4th, 2014 I was heading out for a haircut and decided to stop at our local shop to take a look at the new KTM 1190 in person.  When KTM revealed […]

Do female ADV riders really need special gear names and colours?

So, we see in this video some KLIM dirt bike apparel in the making, there is supposed to be an ADV line coming out in March 2014 as well.  Cheryl and I feel like we have been waiting a long time to see KLIM’s female gear and what exactly have they come up with for […]

What Socks Do You Choose to Wear in the Winter?

How do you stay warm when riding in the winter?  For us it’s Gerbing’s heated liner and gloves, LDComfort base layer and  Need I say more for our socks….these work…and are comfy too… This works as well…

How many have seen this sign?

And did you make the turn NORTH???? We will be back one day…. How many have seen this sign too?

The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob at the National Air and Space Museum 2013

This is awesome no matter how you feel about the military or the USAF.  Being from NEW YORK originally, I find this video very moving…and thanks too all for protecting any country.


Christmas is celebrated the world over and people exchange gifts and wishes too. IN 100 LANGUAGES WE WISH YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! (please see more, SORRY if we missed your language)

Bald Eagle Haven – all pics can be enlarged

The weekend of November 23-24, 2013, Cheryl and I headed out about an hour east of where we live to get away for the weekend and enjoy the Bald Eagle frenzy that happens every year around here.  Thousands of salmon come to the Chehalis Flats where the Fraser and Harrison Rivers meet to spawn.  It’s […]

A Real Dual Sport H20 Proof Suit in GRRL Sizing

My RANT: We hope KLIM gets their act together and come out with a DUAL SPORT suit in female sizing that is the same quality as the guys in the very near future.  We LOVE KLIM but it seems other companies such as BMW are a head of the game treating grrls as equals when […]

Bald Eagle Weekend

November 23 2013 Big Post coming up but here is some picture from our day today in our beautiful Province of BC…all pics can be enlarged

Time to Plan Your Trip To Alaska is NOW!

If you do plan on going to Alaska in the Summer of 2014 promise us you will ride this road….take a look at one of our posts from our trip in 2011….if you don’t want to read the entire post scroll down to the McCarthy-Kennicott section…you will thank us if you ride this road…;-) Many […]