1st Impression Visually of the new KTM 1190 R

Maybe it’s a grrl thing but when we buy bikes we have to really love them visually as well as mechanically.  On Saturday, Jan. 4th, 2014 I was heading out for a haircut and decided to stop at our local shop to take a look at the new KTM 1190 in person.  When KTM revealed […]

World Exclusive: 2015 Energica Ego Review — Italy’s Electric Superbike

Electric getting closer in development that masses would buy?  Range appears to be getting better, style options too…curious to see where this technology really ends up in the motorcycle world…we will keep watching and reading. Also see Motorcycle.com reviews..more pics.  CLICK HERE September 20, 2013 Source:  RideApart By Wes Siler   Following the release of […]

Tacita T-Race Electric Enduro: Tested at Morocco

Do you think we will ever see a HYBRID motorcycle?  Makes sense doesn’t it?  Half gas half electric?  I think that would sell more if the industry came out with a hybrid version.  Using electric power at certain speeds and gas to recharge the battery at higher speeds.  Pierpaolo Rigo 11/23/2012 SOURCE: ULTIMATE Motorcycle Click […]

Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle

Another electric bike that looks the part but still lacks range.  I can see these only getting better in the sense of their range and the looks are not so bad to look at are they? Wicked!

Zero Motorcycles’ customized 2012 DS is a stealth-like police bike

Read more about Zero Motorcycles Zero Motorcycles will pay for electricity as part of summer promotion for new buyers Online exclusive: We query Mark Blackwell on the electric motorcycle market Zero Motorcycles has developed a specialized police version of its 2012 Zero DS that aims to give law enforcement and security agencies a fuel-free and […]

2012 Zero Motorcycles Lineup Enters Production

Does anyone own one of these?  What do you all think about the electric bike? 27/01/2012 | By: Dennis Chung