She Lives In A Boeing 727

Some people are just so motivated and this is for sure one creative HOME!


What a creative idea! Joanne Ussary bought a used Boeing 727. She paid $2,000.00 for the plane. It cost $4,000.00 to move and $24,000.00 to renovate. But not bad for a $30,000.00 investment… The stairs open with a garage door remote and one of the bathrooms is still intact. There is a personal Jacuzzi in the cockpit. The Boeing home is featured as part of a collection of creative conversions. It has a spectacular view!

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KLIM Adventure part VII

Last day of riding for us was actually something we expected…pouring rain almost all the way home from Fort Stevens.  But in meanwhile who does not LOVE a fire while camping…?  The second to last day was a mix bag.  We just took our time and enjoyed exploring.

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Sunshine Coast, Riding & Our Wedding Journey!

May 5-7 2012

Once again there are twists and turns in the life of Cheryl & Leslie.  After 15 years as many who read this blog Cheryl proposed to Leslie and we are going to get hitched next summer 2013.  Yep, in Canada we too can join the sector of marriage and it’s legal.  I know this is a hot topic for many but at this point in our lives and careers we really have little patience for those who struggle with any two people who love each other and want to show their commitment in whatever fashion they choose.

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What a cool sight this is….Free Cabin PORN

No, it’s not porn but holy check out the cabins ranging from huts to glamour.  I actually spent sometime at the Greenleaf Hut in New Hampshire.  I used to work for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) there is a great hut system up in the White Mountains that you have to hike to.

Anyway, that should be for another post.  Just gave myself an idea.  😉 But if you have the time not only check out this site but as well as the AMC.  There are 37 pages of these cabins and I highly recommend flipping though all the pages.  Such a cool site!

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Once again thanks Gary from AK for this great idea for a posting.  It’s that time of year when many of you will be heading up to Alaska for your own adventure.  This time last year we were planning our own Northern excursion.  So, we are envious of those who will be making this trip.  The Dalton Highway is a MUST ride and getting yourself to Deadhorse in one piece would be the goal.  😉  Here is a great web site which has all the information you will need to learn about the Dalton and it’s services or should I say lack of services.  Bring extra gas and enjoy this unpredictable yet beautiful highway!

I have also included some previous posts of ours that shows you where we stayed and a place where you can change your tires or oil!

Adventure Cycleworks


Dan the man

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Comfort Trailer Home “ProtoHaus”

trailer home

Every once in awhile, most recently when we got back from Alaska this past summer, August 11th 2011, Cheryl will bring up the idea we should down size our 3200sq house to something much smaller.  She has even talked about living in one of these Tiny houses.  I have thought about it but that’s about it.  Am I too attached to my space?  All our “stuff”?  Could I consolidate that much to fit into a Tiny space like this?  In theory I think I would love to say yes, but in reality I think I am just spoiled and love having space and things.  I really do not want to be this way but it is what it is.  Does that mean we will not down size someday?  No.  We will….as we get “older” and want to ride further away from home, we will need to have something less high maintenance and be able to travel with our bikes more freely.

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The Denali Highway

Mile 42 on the Denali Highway is the Maclaren River Lodge owned and operated by Alan and Susie with their gracious host Heidi when we visited this lodge on our Alaskan Adventure Summer 2011.  We arrived on a really rainy day, it was cold and we were hungry.  As usual not really planning where and when we would stop we came across the Lodge.  Settled into our rooms, Heidi gave us a space heater, went back to the restaurant, ate, used the WiFi and drank beer.  Most impressively was we were able to get warm and were greeted by very nice folks. Continue reading “MACLAREN RIVER LODGE ON THE DENALI HIGHWAY”



OUR 2011 TRIP ROUTE (we made a few mods to the actual route)


We stayed at the University before and after riding the Dalton Highway.  They rent rooms for $46/night, per person and you get 2 twin beds, shared bathroom, common showers, WIFI, sheets, pillow, soap, towels, free laundry and even a TV room with pool table.  On campus cafeteria and for $10.30 each you get buffet style food.
That reminds me, the cafeteria food although was not that bad, both Cheryl and I seemed to not really like it about an hour after we ate the “buffet”  if you know what I mean.

“Prudhoe Bay Motel perfect for the end of the road”


Yeah this hotel is expensive at $110 per person but there are not many choices in Deadhorse. PLUS, you get to eat 24 hrs a day in their really good cafeteria. So, for the money you get WIFI, a very clean room and facility, clean showers & bathrooms, polite locals, wear your booties to help housekeeping and all is good.

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“Oasis in the Middle of Nowhere”

Dalton Highway is North of Fairbanks

ADVGRRLS Review of BOREAL LODGE off the DALTON HIGHWAY on Trip Adviser

Much nicer and cheaper than Coldfoot!  You should remember this place if you are going to ride the Dalton! 😉 We promised the owners of this lodge we would post a review on Trip Adviser and I finally got around to doing just that…the review was just approved.

We rode our motorcycles up the Dalton Highway this summer, 2011 and were told about this Lodge by some fellow ADV riders. Much better than the Coldfoot accommodations and half the price. Only about 13 miles north of Coldfoot and 3 miles off the Dalton and you get a wonderful host family, clean facilities and just a nice place to stay warm for the night en-route to Deadhorse. Don’t expect cook meals but the main Lodge has some canned goods and staple foods for you to buy. Coldfoot is not far away if yo must have someone cook for you.

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Deadhorse Tour

You ever wonder what Deadhorse looks like?  Ever wonder why so many ADV riders come here other than the Arctic Ocean?  Here is Deadhorse in a nutshell.  Also, in my last post I mentioned meeting a man named Ray.  Well, we ended up chatting with Ray at dinner

Deadhorse (16)

only to find out that he is a published author and after Googling his name we found out this: Continue reading “Deadhorse Tour”

University of Alaska at Fairbanks to Wiseman (408 KM)

July 14th 2011

I was up really early this morning about 0430.  Guess you can say I was anxiously awaiting to get back on the road and see what the Dalton Highway was all about.  We checked out by 0620 and were on our way to Prudhoe Bay.  It’s a long ride to the actual beginning of the highway, all pavement from Fairbanks but a nice ride with some decent curves and views.

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