How tall is too tall?

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I have been asked many times “how can you ride such a tall bike”?  So, I have put together some pics to try to show as close as I can with the specs I know what I might look like on all the recent bikes I have owned or “borrowed”.  My height is 5’5″, well almost 5’5″ 😉 with an in seam of 30.5 inches. 


Cheryl is about 5’5″ and her in seam is 31.5.  Big difference when it comes to our ’13 BMW F800GS bikes.  She has more footing than I will ever have.  So, this post is for the vertically challenged.

I have hopes that a few in seam inches will not deter anyone from buying the bike of their dreams…where there is a will there is a way.  Trust me I should know…I am shortish and I have ridden successfully, comfortably, confidentially and most Continue reading “How tall is too tall?”

Longing for the Open Road – Memories of our 2010 BMW F650GS Bikes

Since we seem to not be able to get away on a decent rode trip this year I am entertaining myself with pics from our 2010 Cross Country Trip…and other trips.  In 2010 we both got our first Beemers and we picked mine up in March 2010, Cheryl’s in Dec 2009.  By June 2010 we were off for 26 days to ride across Canada and the USA.  No planning just learned by ourselves what to pack and how to navigate ourselves. 

I hope we are tempting all you street riders to come to the ADV side of dual sporting….enjoy….

Continue reading “Longing for the Open Road – Memories of our 2010 BMW F650GS Bikes”

We need a TRIP!

This is what we did in 2010 and hope to do more like this on our BMW F800’s….our BMW F650’s treated us well…

Here are some of our pics of the 2010 F650GS Beemers….
Also, here are 2 maps of the States and Provinces we have been to….we have so much riding to do in north America!

BC Interior 2010 Continue reading “We need a TRIP!”

2010 Cape Cod and more

While in Cape Cod in 2010 this was a killer night camping.  The humidity was so high we practically stuck together in the tent.  Made for a really long night trying to sleep to be honest!.

Plymouth Rock – it’s really small!
Niagara Falls, Canada side
Cheryl trying to stay hydrated in 100 F weather!

We caught a break in the 2010 HUMIDITY/Heat WAVE

In 2010 we got to ride throughout New England.  That was the good thing….bad thing it was about 95 F with about 100% humidity until we got to Maine & New Hampshire.  Still, no matter the heat wave it was a beautiful ride through my favorite part of the USA.

Maine we got our Lobster!




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