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Great commentator and follower of the blog, George shows his BMW bikes, his 2013 travels and reviews all in one video. Godd stuff George…any questions post the on this post and I am sure George will add his insight.

This is a compilation of places I’ve travelled by motorbike during 2013 filmed with my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.


Today was motorcycle show day for us.  Although the weather really smarten up and actually was pretty nice out we drove anyway because Cheryl is not feeling well.  I think everyone in the lower mainland must have headed out to the show today because the temperature was above freezing and there was no snow coming down.



2012 or 2013 BMW R1200GS????????? Anything more on this out there?

A reader spied what appears to be an undisguised, liquid-cooled replacement for the BMW R1200GS testing on a Spanish highway. In addition to the new motor, it looks like the beak has been sharpened up, the paralever swingarm/drive shaft has been moved to the bike’s left side and the exhaust canister to the right. Why liquid-cooling when the rugged simplicity of the air-cooled boxer suited the GS so well?

Anyone have more info about this potential change for BMW and the 1200GS??????

Source:  Hell for Leather

2012 BMW R1200GS

Maybe this bike the R1200GS rather the 1200GSA is a direct comparison to the new Triumph Tiger Explorer.  Perhaps Triumph will release an Adventure package with their new 1200cc bike like BMW.  In any case, here is the new 2012 BMW and it will be interesting to see what happens in the BIG ADV bike market next year when Triumph reveals their new addition to the ADV market. With so many companies getting on board might there be more competitive pricing??? Or, are we the public going to pay MSRP no matter how high just because we love these type of bikes?  BMW has not only added ABS as standard in their base package but all their options have subtly gone up too like centre stand prices, heated grips etc.  In the 1200 category their package pricing has gone up just a bit.  2010 equipment package price in Canadian dollars was$1600 and 2012 in US pricing is $1645, which will most likely translate to about $1745 CDN in or around.

2012 R 1200 GS (MSRP: $16,150*) Model Year 2012 Changes

  • Base model: Option 630 (ABS) added to 100% options; base MSRP up by $1,100 to reflect the change in base equipment
  • Standard and Premium Packages: Content changes to exclude option 630 (ABS) which is now in 100% options; net MSRP change is zero ($0) since ABS is now in base model
  • Base MSRP increase: +$60 in addition to the changes explained above resulting from adding ABS to the base model
  • New special packages: Option 431 (GS std. equipment), and option 432 (GS prem. equipment)
  • Standard Package: Individually listed equipment now bundled under special pakage option 431
  • Premium Pacakge: Individually listed equipment now bundled under special package option 432 which adds option 350 (chrome exhaust) without adding price; the result is a value improvement of $150 over last year’s premium package
  • New colors: 764 (Titan Silver Metallic), and N86 (Lupin Blue Metallic)
  • Discontinued colors: N15 (Magma Red), and N50 (Ostra Grey Metallic Matte)

100% Options

Code Description
630 Integral ABS (disengageable)

Standard Equipment

Code Description
588 White Turn Signals
636 Center Stand

Special Packages

Code Description MSRP
200 Special Model “Triple Black”: includes options 186 (special model), and 670 (special color cross-spoke wheels) $650
431 GS Standard Equipment: includes options 519 (heated grips), 539 (on board computer), 589 (hand protection), and 681 (saddle bag mounts) $845
432 GS Premium Equipment: includes options 350 (chrome exhaust), 416 (enduro ESA), 519 (heated grips), 539 (on board computer), 589 (hand protection), and 691 (saddle bag mounts) $1,645


Code Description MSRP
N64 “Triple Black” Sapphire Black Metallic (only with 200) $0
N86 Lupin Blue Metallic $0
751 Alpine White $0
764 Titan Silver Metallic $0


Code Description MSRP
186 Special Model (only with 200) $0
350 Chrome Exhaust $150
416 Enduro ESA $800
499 Low Suspension $250
519 Heated Grips $250
530 TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) $250
539 On Board Computer $295
589 Hand Protection $100
603 Anti-Theft Alarm $395
650 Enduro ASC $400
670 Special Color Cross Spoke Wheels (only with 200) $0
681 Saddle Bag Mounts $200
771 Cross Spoke Wheels $500
776 Low Seat $0

Standard Package (MSRP: $16,995*)

Code Description
431 GS Standard Equipment

Premium Package (MSRP: $17,795*)

Code Description
432 GS Premium Equipment


  • Option 200 and color N64 can only be ordered in combination with each other
  • Option 200 not with option 771 (200 includes 670 – special color cross spoke wheels)
  • Color N64 includes “GS” raised lettering seat; in combination with options 499 and 776 will not include the raised lettering seat
  • Option 431 not with option 432
  • Option 499 not with options 416 or 776 (776 included in 499)

2012 R1200GS Lupin Blue Metalic (color N86)


2012 R1200GS Titan Silver Metallic (color 764


2012 R1200GS “Triple Black” Sapphire Black Metallic (color N64)


2012 R1200GS Alpine White (color 751)


Info found on BMW San Fran website

All these bikes I am posting are awesome looking machines and in the field I am sure make the owners very happy.  If we win the lottery we would have one of each in our garage! 😉

Just so you all can see on one page here is the Tiger Explorer again.

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