BMW Motorrad sets sales record again

By On January 14, 2014 

The R 1200 GS was BMW's biggest seller for 2013.

The R 1200 GS was BMW’s biggest seller for 2013.

The hits just keep on rollin’ in for BMW Motorrad.

Yesterday, BMW announced they’d set an all-time sales record again – for the third year in a row. The company sold 115,215 bikes worldwide in 2013, up from 2012′s previous all-time high of 106,358 bikes. That’s an 8.3 per cent increase – not bad, considering how some of their competition is still struggling to deal with the collapse of the global economy. Continue reading “BMW Motorrad sets sales record again”

2013 BMW F 700 GS – First Ride

SOURCE:  rider Magazine

Greg Drevenstedt
November 26, 2012

When BMW decided to update the F 650 GS for 2013, it was clearly in a generous mood. The folks in Bavaria gave the street-biased enduro model more horsepower and torque, a shorter gear ratio for quicker acceleration, a second front disc brake, new switchgear and instrumentation, and updated styling. Although displacement of its 798cc parallel twin is unchanged, BMW rechristened the bike as the F 700 GS to dispense with confusion over the model name (though F 750 GS would be closer to the truth). And it did all of this while lowering the base price by $165, to $9,990.

The F 700 GS gets updated styling, a new windscreen and new instrumentation.

The F 700 GS gets updated styling, a new windscreen and new instrumentation. Continue reading “2013 BMW F 700 GS – First Ride”

2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!

2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 1.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 2.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 3.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 4.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 5.jpg

2013 BMW Motorcycle Wallpaper

If we bought these bikes we will be fighting over the colors. Which one do you think we both like???? Continue reading “2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!”

2013 BMW F 700 GS & F 800 GS | Intro

Another post to add to our post from yesterday about the new 2013 GS BMW Family.
So, why are the “new & improved” GS bikes not making HUGE impression on us?  Just disappointed that BMW did not take advantage of the opportunity to smash this bike out of the park.  Does that mean we would not buy one? Nope…just expressing our opinions.  What do you, the readers think?
Tom Wera
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