Day 18 – Service, Storm and Sick Dog

Day 18 of my X Country trip was spent mainly at MAX BMW in Brookfield, CT.  I needed a 20,000 KM service but decided to wait until I get home to have the valves inspected on my bike.

Cool dealer, they have loads of classic bikes on the show room floor as well as all the new models.

The service included, air filter, oil filter and oil change, top up fluids, inspection.  The Master Tech found my output Shaft Seal to be leaking oil and was replaced under warranty.  I got new front and rear brake pads, a new DID gold chain and sprockets.  Mainly preventive measures I am taking.  My tires, chain and pads all had some life left in them but I still have over 4000 miles to go.  I adjusted the ergo’s of my handle bars a bit and with Dan we tilted them back in my risers just a touch to make my reach a little closer.  Felt good afterwards when I was riding. Continue reading “Day 18 – Service, Storm and Sick Dog”

Montauk Point or Bust

Heading out to Montauk Point, Long Island today.


Weather beautiful, warm, sunny and a great day for a ride.  Meeting a new friend from the virtual world and riding with an old friend from when I was a kid.  The three of us out for a leisurely ride east on Long Island.  Pics later and a little update.  SPOT will be on as I count this as part of my route and track.  🙂

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West to East Complete, well almost

First half of my trip mileage = Maple Ridge, BC to Long Island, New York is 7145 KM’s or 4,439 Miles. Gas mileage due to the x and head winds heading east was not that great. 5.1 L/100 Km’s. A little over 300 Km’s per tank.

Heading west I should get much better mileage. What a journey thus far…and really appreciate all the comments, emails, messages etc. Monday, June 2nd starts my journey home, but first I need to go more east to Montauk Point, Long Island.

One of the best investments I have made for the trip was my head lamp protector I got from AltRider. But any would do. After all the hail I have been through there is no doubt my head light would have been damaged if not for this farkle.

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Day 12 con’t and Day 13 – Revzilla & Coming Home

After I left a really sunny, HOT Washington DC, I went north to Philly. Still warm all the way up until about 120 KM’s outside Philadelphia. I noticed the temperature dropping from 35, 30, 20, 15, 12 C. I saw the skies darken which can only mean one thing…another Spring Storm. I sort of knew this. Been texting a good friend of mine who lives in Philly and he said it was cool and raining.

I pulled over at a gas station to close all my vents, put on my heated liner, warmer gloves and I was really thankful I did. This is what I rode through for about an hour.

Another hail storm with huge dumps of rain at times. I was warm and comfy though on the bike and at this point doesn’t phase me the hail I mean anymore.
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Day 12 – Hot and COLD (Part I – DC)

After spending 2 nights and day at my brother’s families house in NC and a night at my old friend’s house in Williamsburg, VA, I left the south to head north to Philadelphia, PA to visit the REVZILLA relatively new store in Philly by the old Navy yard.

I went to Colonial Williamsburg on my way out of town but I was too early even for the visitors centre to be open. Too early for almost everything but a cute breakfast place.

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Day 10 – Quick update

I was able to take two nights off and use a day to replenish some items I needed for the trip back , like get a new camping stove.  I broke my other one days ago.

Now I can get back to at least boiling water when I want and need to. Continue reading “Day 10 – Quick update”

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