Inside Long Island – A visit to a Memorial – My U-Turn

Day 16-Will be sad to leave LI but did manage to see most of my family who are mainly camera shy except mom and dad

My family really doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of riding long distances to not only clear the head but just for the utter enjoyment of touring.  Doesn’t matter though…it’s all good.  Great seeing them at this time in my life.

My riding buddies to Montauk Point, Long Island yesterday. Dean from when I was a kid and Mani from Adv Rider Forum Continue reading “Inside Long Island – A visit to a Memorial – My U-Turn”

RADIOMAN a must read

Read about Mark aka RADIOMAN’s adventure and to story behind his quest to travel ADV style.  Amazing devotion to his wife who passed on and a very gentle soul in need to healing.

RADIOMAN Ride Report on ADV Rider FORUM Click here

Customizing Cheryl’s F800GS

Recycled some old farkles from our BMW 650’s to the new 2013 F800GS…Cheryl’s bike is taking form…waiting still for hand guards from Barkbusters, getting Rox Risers Low pro for both bikes….they are on order…and still wondering which crash bars we will both get.  TBD…researching the new and improved bars coming out for the new fairing.  Jesse Luggage mounts went on just fine and we are both glad to be able to keep the luggage that we started all this ADV riding stuff with.

We are also waiting on Cee Bailey to update their shield for this bike!

Still have to install the permanent Gerbings temperature controller….


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Two More Little Road and Off Road Trips Planned

Heading up to Dawson Creek for a wedding reception. Leaving after work Aug 2 and coming back Monday August 6th. A few thousand KM ride and we are looking forward to it. And will be participating in the BC Big Adventure Trail Ride Sept 6 – 9.
Bc big adventure trail ride 2012 – ADVrider

No Jobs, No Responsibilities, No Better Time than Now


If you LOVE ride reports as I do….check out what Alex did for his adventure.  He left back in April 2011 and just came home this month, December 2011 to the Pacific Northwest.  Amazing story, amazing RR…show casing what ADV riding is all about.  The ups and downs!  This guy took everything in stride!  Also, I sold him one of our Rev It jackets right before he left…who knew what an online celebrity he would become.  Great Job Alex, glad you made it back safely and I hope you read this post!  😉


Here is Alex’s first entry…. Continue reading “No Jobs, No Responsibilities, No Better Time than Now”

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