Animals Illuminated by the Moonlight


These are amazing and BEAUTIFUL!

While werewolves are the stuff of folklore, the light and the gravitational pull of the Moon do have real effects on the behaviour and physiology of a host of earthbound organisms — including, perhaps, people. Moonlight can also change animal behaviour. Many marine organisms move up and down in the sea depending on the level of moonlight in order to keep their light levels constant. On land, some nocturnal animals come out on a well-lit night to hunt , others stay hidden to avoid predators.

night animals 6 Animals Illuminated by the Moonlight

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Animals in funny situations


Not everyone owns a pet, or has the chance to come across any animal daily for that matter, so it’s refreshing to see some of them captured in funny and interesting situations. Funny situations are around us in everyday life. All we need to do is to spot it. These photos will not leave anyone indifferent, animals can be so funny .

funny animals 28 Animals in funny situations

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