WE made the “SWITCH”

We are now Apple MacBook Pro owners and I need advise from all you wise Apple users out there.  Anyone know a simple yet good photo editing app I should look into?  Also, is iMovie decent enough for my little brain to do some creative editing?  Have not played with it yet but will over the weekend I hope.  Any other info would be great as I have been resistant to this change but since Cheryl did it with me I feel better.  Yet another type of Adventure we both embark upon! 😉

Also, I have a ton of pics on my PC, how do I get them to my Mac?  I am sure I will have more questions and again any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Apple Products vs. Apple the Fruit (Infographic)

Cheryl and I own some Apple devices…such as both of us have iPhones and iPads.  I have tried to make the switch to an Apple laptop but not “ready” yet.  I need the Apple laptop to be able to run a decent money program.  Quicken stopped for now making software for the new OS used with Apple. I need or want to be able to use FLASH.  But that is about it..that is what holds me back from keeping an Apple laptop.  We love our phones, Cheryl LOVES her iPad and I am just getting used to the Pad but can’t see it replacing my laptop.  Over consumers we are with some things but Apple sure makes reliable products and makes some things in our lives “easier”

I thought this article was a very creative way discussing APPLES and Apple…..have a good read!

Some interesting info from our BLOG…40.7% are using windows as their operating system and 22.4% are using Apple.  The rest is using phones etc…cool stats are being produced now that I have some stat programs running in the background.  This info has only been gathered since Dec. 22, 2011.  I sure wish I knew how to use all this BLOG stuff over the summer to keep track of visitors but I had no idea what I was doing when we put this together for our Triumph trip.

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Did Apple redefine photography with the iPhone?


Could smart phones be the answer to photography equipment consolidation?  We know that in order to document a trip we seem to bring a ton of electronic gear.  Too much we believe…could these phones, specifically the iPhone help to minimize the need for a camcorder, digital point and shoot and even a DSLR? 

Thanks RichardM a BLOG reader for this link…I said would be nice to have the iPhone H20 proof, shock proof, dust proof etc…and Richard posted this link  LIFE PROOF CASES CLICK HERE

One of the interesting facts we learned from the Steve Jobs biography is that he planned to revolutionize photography, and he may well have achieved that. Walter Isaacson wrote about Jobs, saying, “He had three things that he wanted to reinvent: the television, textbooks and photography. He really wanted to take these on.”

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