Motorcycle Cornering Clearance – What To Do When It Runs Out

Once again another great article giving some good advise when out riding.  Corning is so important and at least knowing what can be expected could save you from that OMG freaking out moment.  Nothing is a guarantee but awareness is priceless.  Even on ADV bikes this can happen.


Strategies for safely handling corners when hard parts touch ground

Chopper Chicks – Just the article Title NOT US!

Chopper chicks.

An article published in our BC paper.  Although I would never have thought to myself I would be in an article titled “Chopper Chicks” I find myself in this one!  😉  Have a read…some of it of course was the writers own interpretation.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

By The Province


Heavy-metal thunder stole Leslie Sofarelli’s heart just after she learned to crawl.

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