Cute Baby Bears: Born to Be Wild!

SOURCE:  BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS Bear, a large, heavily built mammal with shaggy fur and a short tail. Formerly, bears were widely found in the northern forests of Europe, Asia, and North America. Due to intensive clearing of land for farms, they now live only in remote areas, in forests and on mountains. Bears are hunted for […]

BEARTREK Montage (BMW Adventure/Conservationist)

It does not get any better than this for Leslie! Experience an early compilation of BEARTREK video clips from Alaska (brown bears) and Borneo (sun bears). No narration, but set to powerful and energizing music. AMAZING adventure riding in combination with wildlife?  LESLIE’s DREAM!

Polar Bears & Sea Ice

Sea ice is essential to polar bears. Without it, they cannot hunt their primary prey, seals. via Polar Bears & Sea Ice. There are so many other videos to learn from about Polar Bears.  It’s that time of year in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  On my bucket list to see these amazing creatures up close!


Riding bikes is not the only addiction I have….Leslie that is…there is my LOVE for wildlife!  Each year up in Churchill, Manitoba beginning in October the Polar Bears come out waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze over so they can go out and hunt.  Polar Bears are very hungry after the summer and hang […]