20 Days to go

We have been told the bikes are almost here?????

21 Days to go

Bikes are still not here!  Getting antsy!

Meet Our Family

Meet Laura and Alex….this is Cheryl’s sister and nephew…another face of a young child diagnosed with Autism. Alex is a beautiful boy with the help of ACT, therapists and the love and support of his family is beginning to thrive and develop into a fine young boy.

Please support ACT and know you are helping to support not only him and children just like him, but their families as well!

Meet Beautiful Nico & Charlie

Meet Nico! Nico is an active and inquisitive boy in our neighbourhood who enjoys riding his bike, skiing and playing with his dog Charlie. Nico was diagnosed with Autism several years ago and we have watched his incredible growth. Nico always brings a smile to our faces everytime we see him. Thanks to Nico’s parents Harry and Sue for the beautiful photo

“Thanks Cheryl and Leslie for participating in this very exciting adventure and worthy fundraiser. Like many families, we have benefited greatly from the work and support of ACT. We say this confidently both as parents of a child with Autism and as experienced educators. We provide you and your supporters with this photo of our wonderful son, Nico (and his dog, Charlie).

Harry and Sue

It’s Official!

I got the extra time off from work and so did Cheryl….we will indeed unless something comes up depart from Western Powersports in Langley on June 29th, 2011.  Not sure what time but Western will be the official launch location.  Only 22 days left!  Now if we only had bikes!


Stanley Cup here we come!

23 Days & Bikes due in soon we hope

We hope the Tiger’s arrive at Western Powersports in Langley by the end of this week so they can be kitted out and hopefully we have them as soon as possible after that.

25 Days Left and counting.

Can’t wait until we have the bikes to actually start prepping them.  We will not have a lot of time to break in the Tiger’s but we will do our best to at least get an oil change in.  More about gear and what we are taking soon.  We will show you our packing list and more on the tires that we hope will carry us all the way!  This is getting exciting and we both can not wait until we are on the road!

Donations for ACT coming in!

You will be seeing many thanks from us as they come in.  If we don’t acknowledge them right away please know we are aware!  Thank you all for considering ACT a worthy cause!  We truly appreciate it.


Our Charity ACT-Autism Community training received the very first donation in the name of our trip!  That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep them coming no matter how much….PayPal address is soph9@telus.net or click the page for ACT on our home page and donate directly to the organization.  Make sure you state it is for our ride!  Thank you!


Had a meeting with Marq the owner of Western Powersports today

met with Marq to go over the accessories for the New Triumph Tiger bikes and figure out some other minor details about this trip.  bikes are due in next week and we hope to have them in our garage soon after.  Need to get some mileage on them before we leave June 29th, 2011.


It’s getting exciting and I am a little overwhelmed feeling like we have so much do in so little time…this will be a life time adventure!



Entire Trip



This is a picture of where we hope to go!

The Prep Begins!

Trying to organize all the social media sites so we don’t go crazy!

Met with the ACT team today

Met with the ACT team today to talk about our fund raising for Autism Community Training. Not only are we riding for the Adventure but to raise awareness about Autism and resources available in Western Canada.


This is our new blog for our trip to Alaska riding two new Triumph Tiger 800 XC with ABS bikes.  We are honored and privileged to have Triumph Canada and Western Powersports of Langley, BC sponsor our trip. Just to be clear though while we are grateful, Cheryl and I are responsible for all costs associated with this ride.  What a ride it will be…stay tuned!  We leave June 29th, 2011.

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