Top 100 Motorcycles according to Britian Riders

MCN Britian Bikers Survey Results here

I don’t know some of the models on this list but I wonder if North America’s list would be much different?  If anyone has a list of the top 100 bikes in North America can you let me know?  In any case this is rather interesting to see what is and was popular over yonder. AN older list from 2010…you think 2011 might be different??????????????

Top 100 Motorcycles: 10 to 1


 08 January 2010 14:08

More than 12,000 MCN readers have responded to our Biking Britain survey this year, and their combined scores on the bikes they own and love (or hate) have allowed us to put together this definitive list of your top 100 bikes.

Extreme Frontiers–November 28th in the UK only

Extreme Frontiers – 28th Nov Channel 5, 9pm

Hey, guys, I’ve just finished my UK Theatre Tour – which has been great, but I’m so excited that the new TV show is about to air.  Extreme Frontiers Canada is out on Monday the 28th of November on Channel Five. Filmed earlier in the year, we had an absolute blast in what must be one of the most incredible countries on the planet – Canada. The people, the places and the history – they have it all. I rode most of trip on my trusty BMW Adventure, but also done lots of wacky and sometimes scary activities – climbing with Barry Blanchard, of ‘Cliff Hanger’ fame, riding bulls in a rodeo and camping in true wilderness – a real Deliverance feel to that bit! Anyway, we’re planning to do a Twitter campaign after the show airs in the UK – but you can join in from anywhere around the world and send me your questions about the show and the adventure.  Use the hash tag #extremefrontiers and we’ll be able to do a trawl through them!  Ok – Speak soon about Extreme Frontiers!

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