A taste of the Dalton Highway

“The James W. Dalton Highway, usually Dalton Highway (Alaska Route 11) is a 414-mile[1] (667 km) road in Alaska. It begins at the Elliott Highway, north of Fairbanks, and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Once called the North Slope Haul Road (a name by which it is still […]

Going home the long way!

Today we go home for real but not before we ride some of BC’s finest back roads. Will take us about 8 hours to get home but we don’t mind. The threat of rain seems to have past and now I see the good white fluffy clouds and blue sky.  Hopefully we arrive home in […]

Female Bald Eagle gets a fish

From July 24th 2011 we watched an eagle steal a fish from a seagull the beach at Homer Spit

August 8th 2011–Loon Lake, BC

Mileage not even worth counting today.  We literally road from 100 Mile House to Loon Bay which was only about 50 KM?  We changed our plans once again after we got on the road.  Decided to hang out in this area for 2 nights for a little vacation from our vacation.  Transitioning back in to […]

Loon Lake,BC

August 8th, 2011 Where we might stay for 2 nights vacationing and drinking beer.

Wells to 100 Mile House (297.4 KM)

August 7th 2011 Got down to zero Celsius last night and when we stopped for the day today we noticed a can a beer Cheryl was carrying in her pannier leaked.  Yep, not a good idea in the luggage but in any case we did and beer got all over her sleeping bag, pillow, a […]

Terrace to Burns Lake (346 KM)

August 5th 2011 Cheryl’s brake pads. (click for larger pics) UPDATE:  When I look back at the brake pads it is rather clear to me now that when we first started out on this trip both bikes rear tires were installed out of alignment.  We did not know this until we got to Dawson City.  […]

Heading to Barkerville today

Having a hard time find good WiFi to upload any updates.  Hopefully later today we can find a spot.  In Well, BC for the night, going to Barkerville for a few hours in the morning and then heading South.

New chains and rear brake pads

August 5th 2011 Wrong 525 chain too short. The Tiger needs at least a 122 and got in 120’s. No one has stock. Trying to work something out not looking good. Got a Harley dealer in Smithers and tighten the chains and that’s it. No more room to grow but should get us home. Thought […]


Hope to get our new chains installed today and might as well put on the rear brake pads we have been carrying with us. Fronts look good and sprockets good enough to get the bikes back to Triumph soon. There ia sun in the sky after a wet day in Terrace yesterday. Really hope we […]