COME Along For the RIDE with US

If you have 10 mins and want to take a ride with us sit back and enjoy this video I made of our BC back country ride this summer…this is only part of the 850 KM we did off road…Between Clinton and Lillooet, BC.

Watch in HD

I am not the best editor but learning….ENJOY your virtual RIDE across some of Beautiful British Columbia.  Sure hope those who read this from far away…get an idea!

BIG BAR Trailer

Learning iMovie not so well!  I need to take the time to play with this program because I have many video’s of recent trips that I would love to be able to edit one day…here is just a trailer for fun from one of our trips this summer

BEAUTIFUL BC BACK COUNTRY (click for hi-rez size)

View west side of the Fraser River heading to Lillooet, BC after the Big Bar Ferry

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