Crossing the bamboo bridge in Colombia – Un Cut

Every minute of this video is worth watching….there is a few well deserved F bombs so if any children are in the room you might want to mute this video….all I can say this is scary as anything!  I want to do it though!  😉

COLUMBIA (CO) hits 1000 views

Another country joins our over 1000 View CLUB! COLUMBIA!  Thank you for having a look!

Colombia (CO) 1,033
Distrito Especial 656
Antioquia 184
Valle del Cauca 61
Atlantico 36
Santander 23
Cundinamarca 13
Bolivar 12
Norte de Santander 10
Caldas 9
Risaralda 8
Meta 4
Magdalena 4
Tolima 4
Huila 2
Cesar 2
La Guajira 1
Casanare 1
Cauca 1
Quindio 1
Boyaca 1
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