Group Riding Hand Signals

Good to know…I still haven’t seen a group of BMW riders doing this, mainly the cruisers but hey still good to know! 😉

Motorcycle hand signals are important for all riders to know and understand but especially when riding in a group. (When riding in a group the signals should be relayed back through the group.)

With your right or left arm extended, move your index finger in a circular motion.
Raise your left arm horizontal with your elbow fully extended.
Raise your left arm horizontal with your elbow bent 90 degrees vertically.

Extend your left arm at a 45 degree angle and point towards the hazard.


Extend your right arm at a 45 degree angle and point towards the hazard.
Extend your left arm upward at a 45 degree angle with your elbow bent to 90 degrees and point towards the hazard over your helmet.
Raise your left arm up and down with your index finger extended upward.  This indicates the leader wants to speed up.
Extend your left arm at a 45 degree angle and move your hand up and down.
Extend your left arm at a 45 degree angle with the palm of your hand facing rearward.
Position your left hand over your helmet with your fingers extended upward.  This indicates the leader wants the group in a single file formation. Usually this is done for safety reasons.
Extend your left arm upward at a 45 degree angle with your index and pinkie finger extended. This indicate that it is safe to return to staggered formation.
Raise your left arm and repeatedly move up and down in a pulling motion.  This indicates the leader wants the group to close ranks.
Extend your left arm straight out with your elbow bent 90 degrees. Carefully extend your middle finger to clearly demonstrate your dissatisfaction with the other guy. NOTE: It is not recommended you do this when you are alone.

Special thanks to graphics from: Ann Arbor Hog Chapter

CARDO G4 Communication System

We use the Cardo G4 intercoms every time we ride.  I use mine while commuting especially.  Great review and to be honest we could never ride without a communication system anymore.  Been using the Cardo G4 since last summer, although not perfect they are pretty close in many ways.  One thing I LOVE about this pair is that you can up load any firmware updates from the Cardo web site when they are released.  We have only had one update since we bought them but Cardo listens to their users and  made some really good upgrades.  Take a look at this review.

Click here for the web site CYCLE MATTERS

Cardo G4 Powerset

The Scala Rider G4 Powerset (G4) is a communication system of exceptional capabilities but it is a bit complicated. So, new users may want to set aside sufficient time to prepare mentally to absorb the extensive instruction available from Scala Rider. The G4 also requires preparation including installation to your helmet, charging, setup and configuration, and memorizing numerous button-pushing sequences to achieve the maximum benefit of the system’s capabilities.

This review will be limited to commenting on the capabilities of the G4 because Cardo Systems has done an excellent job of providing detailed instructions in the G4 “User Guide” and the tutorials on their website. So expecting readers to spend time reading yet another iteration of how-tos would be presumptuous and a waste of the reader’s time. We will try to keep replication to a minimum.

The G4 Powerset comes with two G4 headset units (and chargers) already paired so that rider and passenger can begin communicating as soon as installed and charged.

What capabilities should a new owner expect from the G4?

  1. Rider to passenger to rider voice activated communication with noise canceling microphone
  2. FM Radio stereo listening built into the Powerset
  3. Mobile phone communication using Bluetooth compatibility with Priority Management: Operators do not need to manually disconnect from intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or GPS instructions!
  4. Stereo music streaming (wireless) utilizing Bluetooth and MP3 player compatibility
  5. Stereo music through cable=connected audio devices
  6. Bike-to-Bike (3 bikes) intercom for communication with up to two other G4 or Q2 headsets
  7. Bike-to-Bike (2 bikes – rider/passenger each bike) intercom for communication between 4 G4 headsets.
  8. Intercom connections with any G4 biker within intercom range: Click-to-Link™. No need for advance pairing or any preparation. Just “Click-to-Link” and create your own roadside social network.
  9. Receive GPS Navigation instructions and streaming audio from compatible Bluetooth devices
  10. An intercom range up to 1 mile
  11. The scala rider G4 PowerSet offers multilingual status announcements allowing bikers to maintain smooth and safe Bluetooth hands free motorcycle intercom communication while on the move. The device transmits, to your mobile phone, useful information regarding connectivity status with other bikers.
  12. Software updates can be downloaded from Cardo System’s website.
  13. In addition to the above, the headsets will automatically increase and reduce volume based on ambient noise and driving speed.

When you purchase a Scala Rider G4 PowerSet, you receive a very detailed manual and you will have all of the instruction you need to operate the G4. If you are considering a purchase, you can download the manual by clicking here.

The PowerSet system can be installed on virtually all helmets.

The G4 Headset units mount easily either by clamping to the side of a helmet via a latch that tightens with an Allen wrench, or by using a sticker surface that is included with the kit. A microphone attached to a flexible arm reaches inside the helmet. Two thin foam-covered speakers are routed to either side of your helmet above or below your helmet’s interior padding, and attached with Velcro.

The G4 features a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that recharges via USB cable. The fully charged battery (charges in 3 hours) supports 10 hours of talk time with standby for 7 days.

Scala Rider G4 Powerset is waterproof, dustproof and certified to meet IP67 standards

Summary and Value

While value in this economic climate is a very personal consideration, Cycle Matters editors believe this product to be a very viable choice for motorcyclists aspiring for increased communication with their environment. The G4 is reliable and sophisticated while performing many communication tasks. Pricing will vary so shop around. We found a new G4 Powerset on the internet for $252.00.   MSRP is $449.95.

Consider warranty also. While the G4 appears indestructible, things do happen and any device modification will void your warranty. The G4 comes with a two-year limited warranty including customer support. Use it and don’t abuse it and you should be covered.

One final note: if you are a rider that prefers to jump on your bike and go…then the G4 may not be for you. To operate the set efficiently, operators must memorize multiple functions and sequences of button pushing. This can be a bit frustrating for some, but not all. Aptitude is a wonderful thing when it comes to operating electronics and the magic of wireless communication.

Click here for more information on this product from Cardo Systems.

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