Testing out our new Contour + HD camera w/External Mic

Just got my external Mic so I will have to test out the camera with the mic connected.  This was a test run on my way home from work.  The new camera has a 170 degree view but I do notice a little bending of trees etc when you look at the edges of the video.  Our other camera used on this trip was the Contour GPS version and HD1080p with 135 degrees.  The mic out of the box is not bad regarding wind noise and video quality I think is fantastic.  Looking forward to see how I can use the external mic while traveling.  Could have been cool to have this feature on our summer trip.  Better late then never though.  This was a free upgrade offered to me when we were on the road but could only take advantage of it when we got back.

Here is the TEST video…and only a test.

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