DOG/GOD = Great Outdoors!

I am very rarely at a loss of words but when it comes to attending my first dog memorial I seem to be.  I have tried to write this post numerous times but it never came out right.  So, what I have done is post pictures of this special day in February, made a video as tribute to my friend/colleague Sandi and a quote Sandi said to me….I was honored and really touched.  We have three dogs and will inevitably experience this loss.

Final resting place
Final resting place

This is a special post…please scroll down, take a look at the pictures and read the little story.  Then, pay tribute and watch the short video.  Best in HD and wide screen.  I know many of the readers of this BLOG can relate.  The love we have for our pets is a very personal relationship but in the end I think we all feel the same way when they have to leave us. Continue reading “DOG/GOD = Great Outdoors!”

Our Family plus Leslie

Cheryl is now learning to be a photographer for her new position with the RCMP…she has to learn this in order to be part of the forensics team.  BONUS for us when we go on another bike trip….we will have “real” pics from now one!  Well, at least when we are off the bikes!

Our Beagle Cruizer who will be 9 this year, Sierra going to be 11 and Xander the little guy will be 13.

Most Beautiful Dogs Photos On Stumbleupon

Site stumbleupon is very big company where you can found many things for plesure and for fun. Also yoiu can find very great things like everyting you want from some part of the earth. Here are 10 most beautiful dog photos on stumble of all time. Many of these animals are the best pets for people.

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50 Cute Puppies

Our Best Friend, the Dog, has been around for thousands of years. When man learned to harness dogs for his use, there began the creation of an unbreakable bond that would grow and last forever.

Through selective breeding by humans, the dog has developed into hundreds of varied breeds, and shows more behavioral and morphological variation than any other land mammal.

Here we have selected 50 Cute Dogs Make Your Girlfriend Smile. Send this article to your girlfriend or wife, I am sure she will love it and give you a kiss or more!


Happy End

Happy End

The Before and afters will make your heart sink and then feel better….makes us sick that people can be so cruel to animals!

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This is a story about cats and dogs that have found a new home and regain their will for life…

Wild Animal love home dogs cats animals zone Animals Pictures adopted  Happy End

Wild Animal love home dogs cats animals zone Animals Pictures adopted  Happy End Continue reading “Happy End”


In our house presently we have 3 dogs and a really old cat.  When I moved here from New York to BC, Canada I brought with me three cats.  There were many years Cheryl and I had a house full of animals.  3 cats and three dogs.  Down to four animals makes for such great entertainment at times.  These picture are priceless.  My poor cat Bo tries so hard to be close to our dogs but they appear to be scared of him.  Probably a precedent my other 2 cats set through the years.

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What can you say about dogs?  Well, before moving to Canada I, meaning Leslie was a cat person.  Since meeting Cheryl we have a house full of dogs now.  Large, medium and small in size and all have such different personalities.  I can never imagine our lives without a dog now.  Some say they unconditionally love you.  I disagree.  They love you if you care for them and love them back.  The condition is just respect and mutual affection.

Once again Gary from AK has shared these pics with us and have ended up on our BLOG because if you have been following us you know we LOVE our bikes but we LOVE dogs, wildlife and LIFE.  Thanks again Gary and BTW your calendar you and Deb sent us is prominently hanging on our wall!

We hope you find the joy in these pics, the sadness and devotion both man and dog have for one another.  Each tells its own story! Continue reading “DOGS!”

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