KLIM LATITUDE take 3 = A lot of bang for the buck

New KLIM Latitude one of the most comfortable versatile suits on the market.  Not too heavy, priced OK, for me a good suit for every riding I do.  Highly recommend and I am sure KLIM will tweak this version yet again.  I will keep this one for sure…as well as my Altitude.  Love the new BLACK Altitude suit.  KLIM said they did not make any changes regarding the style of the Altitude by releasing the black version but I swear the collar is more forgiving as well as the width of the chest.  Could be wrong but sure feels different than my gray version.  That’s for another review.  😉

My bike for testing was my 2013 BMW F800GS.

It’s traded in 😵

Soon I will be riding a 2015 BMW R1200GSW.


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Quick breakdown of ADV Boots for 2015

March 16th 2015

Philly, PA

I own the TCX Desert boot and the Alpinestars Toucan.  Older models and both Gore Tex.  TCX runs narrower than the AP.  If you order TCX boots I would go up a size and I would recommend both these boots for the price. 100% H20 proof but if you have wider feet the AP Toucan and the Sidi will work better for your fitment.

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Boots, Tires and Resting Place for My Bike

My boots, Alpinestars Toucans need new soles.  I am a short rider for the F8 and often have to really push off my left boot to get the bike up from its stand and it shows.  Still an amazing boot for the price and 100% H20 proof and so comfortable.  My Heidenau K60 Scout tires are the bomb.  Keep the PSI up and they last forever.  Rear has over 17,000 KM’s and still has plenty of tread left and the front has over 14,000 and is in really good shape.

My bike will stay in this exact place until I get back to the USA.  First time we are separated and yes, I will have a difficult time not being able to ride back in BC.  But…at least she has a spot with a window view 😉

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Short Post, Long Day

Day 4 – January 17th 2015

Today I tried to be a tourist, I really did.  However, the Drive-Thru Tree Park was closed and when I attempted to make it to Fort Bragg the weather was so horrible that I did not feel very safe on Route 1.  It was slick and it was pouring out.  No other cars were on the road at all that I could see.  Just me.  After about 30 KM’s or so I turned around and headed out.  Went back to see if the Drive-Thru Tree was open and it was still closed after 0900.  Early bird did not get the worm today.

I got to see the sign 😉

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Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots – 2013 & TCX X-Desert Gore-Tex Boots – Review

AP Toucan
TCX X-Desert Gore Tex

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KLIM Altitude Pants Review

I initially reviewed this new KLIM suit when I first got it back in April. Now that I have well over 8000 KM’s in it or 5000 miles I have some more impressions. I will try to stick with the facts of my experience with this suit and cut to the chase. These impressions I will send to KLIM. I have all ready been in touch with them regarding the staining issue.

Second up the PANTS detailed Review!

Jacket review click here

Temperature range I have ridden in has been below freezing and as high as 35 C or 95 F. Been in piss pouring rain for hours, hail, high winds and HOT weather/cold weather patterns. Longest day riding in the suit 12 hours.

Please remember this is my subjective review and experience. Not everyone will agree with me nor will you have the same riding circumstances. We all have different shapes and sizes.

 My measurements: neck-14.5 inches. Across the bust line-41 inches. Shoulders-18 inches. I have a 30.5 inch in seam. I wear a 12 in pants and between a medium/large jacket in general. I weigh 162 pounds….and loosing I have an athletic build.

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KLIM’s ALTITUDE Gore Tex Shell – Part II the PANTS

All pics are clickable for larger versions – Let me preference this review by saying I am just your average run of the mill female ADV rider and all my reviews are honest based on WHAT I believe and hope they are  useful somehow.  Had to get that out because I get many emails from folks criticizing I am not an expert…no kidding…i know that and completely aware. ;-) Now, on to my initial review.

Repeating some of the intro stuff from my jacket review for those who did not read that from Saturday.  

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Interview with KLIM about their new Female gear the Altitude

You will have to go to these gals web site to listen to the actual interview..scroll to the bottom of the page and listen to the details that went into developing gear that we women want to wear because it’s tough not just pretty…


a Terrific Motorcycle Podcast


Did KLIM do what many of ADV grrls in general wanted?  Thanks Colleen for pointing me to REVZILLA (look to your right and click on the RevZilla widget to check this suit out)  who has the new KLIM Altitude Gore Tex Suit for women on their website.  Due out March 1st, 2014, KLIM said they would introduce a suit for females, similar to the Misano Latitude and I have to admit this sure looks like it.  Will they add black as an option?  I can’t wait to try this on for size literally.  I bought my Traverse gear in 2010 and I am ready to have a suit that fits better.  Retail price on par with the guys…$569.99 for the jacket and $489.99 for pants.  Not cheap but it’s female KLIM gear!!!! 😉  Thoughts????

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What’s new from Alpinestars, 2014

Source: GearChic

August 21, 2013 | no comments

alpinestars new land goretex jacket womens motorcycle waterproofalpinestars_new_land_pants_hiviz

Alpinestars just announced it’s 2014 collection, which includes quite a few options for women. I just love it when companies release new products for us. Here are my favorite pieces in the collection. Let’s start with a couple lightweights and then I’ll tell you more about the gorgeous touring outfit above. Everything is slated for September release. For now, you can preorder but most you won’t see delivery until sometime in September. Continue reading “What’s new from Alpinestars, 2014”


Cheryl and I have been wearing Alpinestars Scout Boots for years now and actually LOVE them…but like anything else new boots come out on the market always tempting us to try another.



UPDATE on our KLIM Latitude Jacket COLLAR ISSUES!

Pictures to follow but here is my update regarding our collar issues on our new KLIM Latitude jackets.  I posted this on the ADV Riders Forum. 

GREAT Customer Service KLIM!  Thanks!



Hey guys and gals…we contacted KLIM about our collar issues and ended up sending them back for modifications. WE had to use KLIM to stay within the warranty and of course to keep the integrity of the jacket/Gore Tex.

We are pleased to announce KLIM shorten our current collars by 2 cm and added some more felt around the flap as well as added a little piece of Velcro to hold the flap when the jacket is open. I will post pics when I can to show how the new shortened collars no longer hit our helmets or impede with our shoulder checks, the collar no longer jabs into my neck and the helmet strap no longer gets caught on the Velcro for the flap.

Now, KLIM will charge $80 for this mod and I would suggest calling down there to get particulars on your own issue if you have any. We are much happier because we are much more comfortable in these jackets now. So, just passing along what we did to rectify what we felt was a very unfortunate collar issue for the price we paid. Seems for now this is what they are going to do for all new production jackets. Take them down 2cm or 1 inch since ours worked.

When I get the chance I will post pictures of the new collars and the height.  We got both our jackets done.  That’s it for now just wanted to get the word out if you own this jacket, KLIM Latitude and hate the collar call them @ Ph. 208.552.7433 and ask how they can make your collar feel better. Any questions feel to post them in the comments. 


Sorry that the video is a bit dark and no zooms.  Cheryl is away and I promise our second impressions video will be better done.  Hope this video will provide you all with some useful info and isn’t too painful to watch.

UPDATE:  We sold both suits.  Just turned out they were not fir us, too stiff.

840D Cordura Shell = thick


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