Why I Ride Episode 2

Our 2nd video in the series features an adventurous Harley Davidson rider Leslie Padoll, living in Brooklyn, NY. Check out the full site at esurance.com/whyiride


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2013/2014 Ducati Diavel Strada Review

Not a huge cruiser fan but this one has caught my eye and the review sounds favorable for those who might fit into this type of machine…

SOURCE:  Motorcycle.com

Harley-Davidson study: Women who ride are happier, more fulfilled

Not sure how “scientific” this study was but I believe it’s common sense that females are happy when riding…are they more “fulfilled” than women who don’t ride…again not sure how surveying 1000+ riders and non riders proves anything but good on Harley for planting the seed. 

Source:  Los Angeles Times

By Charles Fleming December 27, 2013

Freud asked, “What does woman want?”

Harley-Davidson has the answer. She wants a motorcycle — or should.

That is the result of a study of female motorcycle riders and non-riders, commissioned by the Wisconsin-based bike manufacturer. Continue reading “Harley-Davidson study: Women who ride are happier, more fulfilled”

How tall is too tall?

Most pics can be enlarged!

I have been asked many times “how can you ride such a tall bike”?  So, I have put together some pics to try to show as close as I can with the specs I know what I might look like on all the recent bikes I have owned or “borrowed”.  My height is 5’5″, well almost 5’5″ 😉 with an in seam of 30.5 inches. 


Cheryl is about 5’5″ and her in seam is 31.5.  Big difference when it comes to our ’13 BMW F800GS bikes.  She has more footing than I will ever have.  So, this post is for the vertically challenged.

I have hopes that a few in seam inches will not deter anyone from buying the bike of their dreams…where there is a will there is a way.  Trust me I should know…I am shortish and I have ridden successfully, comfortably, confidentially and most Continue reading “How tall is too tall?”

If you like Military History, you will like this Post!

SOURCE: Bike Bandit

history of military motorcycles

>> Aaron Cortez

November 4, 2013 – San Diego, CA

Most of us are familiar with tanks, Hum-vees, APCs, and other common vehicles used in the military. Big, heavily-armored, and slow, the typical vehicle used in combat operations prioritizes protective armor and firepower over speed and agility. It makes sense; when bullets and explosive frag are flying every direction, the sound of rounds bouncing off a few inches of steel is pretty reassuring. Continue reading “If you like Military History, you will like this Post!”

More young riders, women, minorities choosing Harley-Davidson: OEM

HD has the best marketing I have ever seen for their customers and they do attract many because of the culture they advertise too.

SOURCE: Dealer News

Publish Date:

Apr 22, 2013

Continue reading “More young riders, women, minorities choosing Harley-Davidson: OEM”

By Brand Of Motorcycle. Top Ten Reasons Why Riders Don’t Wave Back.

If you can’t laugh at yourself you must not have a sense of humor! 😉

Published by Cyril Huze June 21st, 2011 in Editorial.

1- Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Riders Don’t Wave Back.

10. Afraid it will invalidate warranty. 9. Leather and studs make it too heavy to raise arm. 8. Refuse to wave to anyone whose bike is already paid for. 7. Afraid to let go of handlebars because they might vibrate off.  6. Rushing wind would blow scabs off the new tattoos. 5. Angry because just took out second mortgage to pay luxury tax on new Harley. 4. Just discovered the fine print in owner’s manual and realized H-D is partially owned by Honda. 3. Can’t tell if other riders are waving or just reaching to cover their ears like everyone else. 2. Remembers the last time a Harley rider waved back, he impaled his hand on spiked helmet. 1. They’re too tired from spending hours polishing all that chrome to lift their arms. Continue reading “By Brand Of Motorcycle. Top Ten Reasons Why Riders Don’t Wave Back.”

2011 Harley Davidson Lowside Motorcycle Crash

Just not meant to lean so much….much better and safer to ride your HD a bit more upright…;-) and LOVE LOVE the no gear and that ridiculous helmet!  I work for an organ donation agency….why do riders just beg to be donors?

2013 Triumph Trophy (SE) | Preview

As we get older we can see ourselves buying two sport touring bikes.  Triumph has come out with their high end touring bike the Trophy.  Don’t like the name but the bike looks really comfy.  We envision ourselves on BMW’s in oh about 4 years or so.  Have to get the DS riding out of our systems.  But one day and we are not afraid to admit it, we will settle into comfort and luxury on two wheels.  Not quite there yet but one day.  😉  How about you?  BMW?  Triumph?  Goldwing?  Harley?  Honda?  Kawasaki? Which one?

BMW Motorrad – RawHyde Adventure Camp

Thanks Kathy for posting this on our FB page!

This should have followed my post from May 2nd, 2012 click here

Attending Adventure Camp with RawHyde Adventures, the official BMW Motorrad off-road training academy in North America, will greatly improve your off-road motorcycle skills and will open the doors to your adventure lifestyle, helping you become part of a global adventure motorcycle community. Your all-inclusive, semi-rustic weekend spent at RawHyde will create skills, memories and relationships that last a lifetime. -Teaching you and allowing you to do things on a motorcycle that you never thought you could do. Learn in a building-block manner starting from the very basics, then take your achievements to the next level, gently guided by your BMW Training Coach. Bring your own bike or rent one from RawHyde. Both beginner classes and advanced classes available. All dual-sport makes are welcome. http://www.rawhyde-adventures.com Continue reading “BMW Motorrad – RawHyde Adventure Camp”

Buyer’s guide for Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson the master at marketing old technology into bikes many LOVE to buy over and over again.  We owned Harley’s for a really short time.  Impulse buys that we regret because of the amount of $$ we lost but hey you only live once.  This type of bike is not for us at this point in our lives but they sure are “pretty” to look at. 

Click on the pics! 😉

2012 Bikes


Sorry to post again back to back but is this an amazing display of riding skills? 

An over 700 pound bike?  This cop, and by the way I am partial to cops as I live with one…handles his Harley like a bicycle. 

Props To This Cop

Can’t seem to figure out how to post a Flash video.  Above is the link…you really need to have a look, this guy is good.


Over the years it seems we have been trying to find ourselves when it comes to the type of bikes we would really LOVE.  If we had the space and money we would probably own one of each model, make etc….in any case, we have spent too much money in searching but worth it that we finally found our “TYPE” of bikes.  The “BIG” bike Dual Sport has found its home with us at least during this phase of our lives.  Although this search has been about trial and error, you live and learn. In the end I am sort of happy the Triumph deal did not go through at the end of the trip.  Leslie that is.  Although Cheryl did not mind the manual button dash I did.  For the amount of money these bikes cost these days I also look for convenience.

I have been accused of being a bit of a spoiled brat wanting an easy on/off ABS button, the ability to see my odometer all the time and ambient temperature gauge on the Tigers.  I still stand by my criticism of the Triumph bike.  After riding our Beemers I love the fact that you can toggle through the informatics by pushing a button, I like to know the temperature and most importantly the ease of the ABS on the BMW is just smart.  So, maybe this will change on the Triumph Tiger 800’s maybe not.  I am just one rider.

Our very first bike together. Single cylinder and a great intro to riding.  After 1/2 hour Cheryl all ready out grew the bike.  I grew up riding, Cheryl did not.  But it was a piece of cake for Cheryl to learn the mechanics of riding and we really thought this 500 would be around for awhile.  Only lasted a few months until we bought the Suzuki SV 650’s.  

2005 Suzuki 500

The SV650 not a bad little bike at all

2007 SV650

2008 Honda CBF1000

We both give the CBF 1000 a thumbs up.  Nice weight, great on the track, enough power, comfortable for the most part and really fun to ride.

Great Street Bike
Black was Cheryl's


2009 Fat Boy
Leslie's 2009 Fat Boy

Cheryl’s HD

Street Bob
Fat Boy before mods

Cheryl’s 2009 HD Street Bob. 

Cheryl's HD

That was a nice Harley but man did we impulsively buy two expensive Harley’s only to keep them for about 4 months.  This is the only real regret I feel we made when it comes to buying bikes.  If we had the money I think we would have kept the Street Bob but in the end these are really not the bikes for us.  I see Harley’s as show pieces and really one-dimensional.  I rarely see any HD riders in the rain but that is the beauty of all different makes of bikes.  What ever floats your boat I say.

So, here we are in the present and after taking the Triumph Tiger 800XC’s out for a jaunt we are still satisfied with our 2010 BMW F650GS bikes but will be seeing what is out there in the next year.  As we get more experience with DS riding we are now going to be looking for a bit more HP in our next bikes, street comfort since we ride on the street 90% for work and a bike that can handle the back country roads.

Our Beemers


Will our next bike be a Triumph?  Will BMW revise the F800GS?  Time will tell and it is exciting to see other companies trying to get into the ADV bike business.  Competition is good to have and will only make all companies strive to develop the best bike they can.


Triumph Loaned Tiger 800XC

** WARNING -The addiction to riding can be severe.  Anyone out there contemplating getting into riding in general but more specifically ADV riding, BEWARE!  It is almost all we think about….planning the next trip, saving money, figuring out how we can get a lot of time away from work…you get the point.  Addicting and just so much fun! 🙂

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