Last Day for our KLIM Adventure Trip

July 20th 2012

As you will see from the pictures you can tell the last day of our trip to Idaho and back was typical “wet” coast weather.  While riding in temperatures from 12 C to 42 C…basically low 50’s to triple digits in Fahrenheit, we almost had to turn the heat on for the last push.

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All pics are clickables!  😉

Before heading up the Oregon coast we rode to the Northern tip of California.  Part of the Redwood Forest.  We literally stopped at the visitors station to pee and look around and then went right up the coast, Rt 101. We have done this route many times before in a Jeep and on our bikes.  To be honest we never really get enough of the coast and we never see it the same time of year. 

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KLIM Adventure part IV

July 9th – July 20th 2012

***Worthy to note:  We had a discussion with Edward from KLIM about how one time he was riding his KTM in triple digits and he swears his gas began to boil and his bike would stall.  On this trip when were in triple digits Leslie’s bike began to stall.  We thought maybe it was the ethanol used in Idaho gas but Cheryl’s bike only stalled once.  My bike seemed to have issues in the HOT heat.  My theory now is the oil.  When we went cross-country in 2010 we changed our oil to 20W50 because of the heat wave that the east was experiencing.  I think we should have done that for this trip.  WHY?

20W50 motor oil is suitable for warmer climates, where the higher temperature causes the oil to thin. It is also useful for vehicles subject to hot temperatures and for those used for high-stress activities such as hauling or pulling trailers.

So, in the end I think for some reason my bike ran hotter than Cheryl’s causing me to stall like crazy after riding for hours.  I could get the bike to restart most times and other times just pulled over and let the bike cool down.  Anyway, interesting to note because we usually run 10W40 semi like most but another good lesson learned for the future.***

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KLIM LATITUDE – Second Opinion (w/Modified Collar)

A couple of months ago we sent our jackets back to KLIM USA to have the collars shortened on our Latitude jackets.  This is a mod that anyone can get presently as there have been quite a few complaints about the stiffness and height.  After this trip Cheryl has decided to return to her Traverse suit and has asked me to put her suit up for sale.  I am still up in the air about it. 

We have worn this suit for over 6500 KM now.

  • Nov 2012 UPDATE:  We both SOLD our Latitudes.  In the end, nice looking suit but the stiffness of the Cordura was over kill for us.  We are both back to wearing our Traverse and I have to admit the fit of the Traverse pants especially WINS!
Old collar

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OUR SPOT TRACK with One day to go

Our TRACK via SPOT Connect (CLICK the link to the left) so far this trip.  July 9th – July 20th 2012.  Tomorrow will be our last day of traveling for this 2012 KLIM Adventure!  Not a pretty track but we covered some decent areas. Continue reading “OUR SPOT TRACK with One day to go”

Departure Day, Thunder, Lightning, and some precipitation

Re-blogging my own post to just remind everyone we are taking off today for a couple of weeks. Blog will be update when we can and if you want you can take a look at our GPS track live as we figure out where we are going on this trip other than Rigby, ID.

On our trip will be using our SPOT Connect for tracking purposes. This is so useful for our friends and family to keep an eye on us while traveling and in way easy on us so we do not have to make phone calls. So, feel free as I say follow the bouncing ball and see where we are. From July 12-16 we will be camping out while attending the KLIM Adventure rally. The SPOT will not be activated at that time but before, July 9th and after see where we go because we have no idea where we are heading after KLIM.

See our other SPOT adventures here: SPOT PAGE


If at anytime the SPOT is not sending out our GPS coordinates please feel free to comment here. We do not always check to see if the SPOT is working. Thanks.


UPDATE on our KLIM Latitude Jacket COLLAR ISSUES!

Pictures to follow but here is my update regarding our collar issues on our new KLIM Latitude jackets.  I posted this on the ADV Riders Forum. 

GREAT Customer Service KLIM!  Thanks!



Hey guys and gals…we contacted KLIM about our collar issues and ended up sending them back for modifications. WE had to use KLIM to stay within the warranty and of course to keep the integrity of the jacket/Gore Tex.

We are pleased to announce KLIM shorten our current collars by 2 cm and added some more felt around the flap as well as added a little piece of Velcro to hold the flap when the jacket is open. I will post pics when I can to show how the new shortened collars no longer hit our helmets or impede with our shoulder checks, the collar no longer jabs into my neck and the helmet strap no longer gets caught on the Velcro for the flap.

Now, KLIM will charge $80 for this mod and I would suggest calling down there to get particulars on your own issue if you have any. We are much happier because we are much more comfortable in these jackets now. So, just passing along what we did to rectify what we felt was a very unfortunate collar issue for the price we paid. Seems for now this is what they are going to do for all new production jackets. Take them down 2cm or 1 inch since ours worked.

When I get the chance I will post pictures of the new collars and the height.  We got both our jackets done.  That’s it for now just wanted to get the word out if you own this jacket, KLIM Latitude and hate the collar call them @ Ph. 208.552.7433 and ask how they can make your collar feel better. Any questions feel to post them in the comments. 

A Long Commute // KLIM

I have never met Mark from KLIM but have had many email exchanges and have spoken to him over the phone.  NICE commute he has to work.  Maybe one day I can work for KLIM?  😉  Now compare Mark’s commute to mine…

What’s it like for Mark to commute from Arizona to Idaho for work? Awe-some! Watch now.

For more information about KLIM, visit

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Sorry that the video is a bit dark and no zooms.  Cheryl is away and I promise our second impressions video will be better done.  Hope this video will provide you all with some useful info and isn’t too painful to watch.

UPDATE:  We sold both suits.  Just turned out they were not fir us, too stiff.

840D Cordura Shell = thick


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