GlobeBusters Promo Trailer HD

I know this is an advertisement for GlobeBusters but their Promo trailer is so good and really highlights why we all ADV ride.  It’s well done too…watch the whole thing there is a really cool part to this….

EARTH RIDE! Show Promo Video

Welcome to Glen Heggstad”s ultimate motorcycle journey into the vibrant landscape of humanity. Find out how it all got started and where it led and why National Geographic Channel made a documentary about him. Check out Glen’s books or schedule a multimedia show via or contact direct:

Make sure you watch his incredible story! Thanks Gary in Alaska for the tip!

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Welcome to the Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit in Homer Alaska

We had a beer here of course when on the Spit….great video about the history of this landmark.  Be sure to watch….we just LOVED Alaska!

My Deep Homer Spit thoughts 😉

Homer Spit Bald Eagle

see Homer Spit Camping & more Eagles

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