What Socks Do You Choose to Wear in the Winter?

How do you stay warm when riding in the winter?  For us it’s Gerbing’s heated liner and gloves, LDComfort base layer and  Need I say more for our socks….these work…and are comfy too…


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Avoid Monkey BUTT & Stay DRY

While I agree with the whole base layer idea…this list is just touching the beginning of options out there.  We have been using LDComfort years as well as other brands but we find LD to actually work if you follow their care instructions and usage.  I also do not believe the use of compression shorts, pants and shirts work best on bikes.  Why?  We are not moving.  Compression gear works best when active and in reality while we might ride off-road, we are not really being active in the way compression under gear should be worn…just my 2 cents.

A great under gear set up also can help you avoid Monkey Butt…Google it..you DO NOT want to get Monkey butt while riding EVER. 😉  Keeping your skin dry with wicking undergarments will work but not single layer gear, look for double layered gear where the inside layer helps you to stay dry where it counts.

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New Farkles – Some for FUN some we need!

It’s always fun when you get a new bike and get to buy some big-ticket items but sometimes it’s the little less expensive farkles that make your bike your own.

Having owned BMW’s before, two ’10 F650GS’s, we have learned from our first time out of the gate what we want, need and who we want to buy from as in dealers/suppliers.  The good news there are accessories for these bikes all over the place and so many choices and price ranges.  I do most of the research for what goes on the bikes and Cheryl of course installs it all.  Recently, we have been on a AltRider kick.  Why?  Well, the do make some great products like our crash bars, head light protector and rad guard but I have to say they ship so fast to Canada I can often get my order faster than I can ride down to my dealer here in BC.  We pick and choose where and when we buy accessories/farkles based on impulse 😉 or as we can afford them.

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