Short Technical Update

July 22nd, 2011

We still do not have our Tiger’s back and most likely will not until at least tomorrow.  We are not completely sure exactly what and if the problems for both bikes has been resolved but I can tell you this.  My bike, the front runner, here is Leslie’s air filter after 8400 KM

Anchorage July 22 11 (1)

guess which one is mine?  Now, having posted this picture, the filter may not be the cause of the stalling on my bike.  Until we get the written report I can tell you all this, my issue had something to do with the throttle position sensors.  All three were out of whack and this is not rider related.

What I am going to do is hold off revealing anymore details until like I said we have the final report and we see if both bikes are actually fixed.  The Shop is going to do a safety check on both bikes tomorrow and hopefully take them for a decent test ride before they “clear” them from anymore faults.Fingers crossed

Cheryl’s filter being behind me the entire trip looked like this…

Anchorage July 22 11 (8)

Anchorage July 22 11 (7)

They were working on Cheryl’s bike when we got there late in the day.  This has been an all day event for the tech at The Motorcycle Shop.

Anchorage July 22 11 (5)

Anchorage July 22 11 (6)

No easy task to even get to the air box.  Again here is Cheryl’s air box and what it looked like inside

Anchorage July 22 11 (10)

So, before everyone assumes we completely understand what is going on and what this might mean for other Tiger owners, we will post tomorrow more firm info as we get it.  Sound good?

On a lighter note, looks like we will be here until Sunday and our hosts Gary & Deb are graciously letting us squat here until the bikes are ready. Thanks again guys!Open-mouthed smile

Cheryl and I also got to touch the Ewan McGregor 2004 BMW rim he left at The Motorcycle Shop in 2004 after he and Charlie did the Long Way Round, check it out!

Anchorage July 22 11 (4)

Purple rim!

Anchorage July 22 11 (3)

We think this is pretty cool but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, that is it.  Can you believe it?  Short and sweet.  We will try to chill out the next day or so and patiently wait as this was a trip also to test out the bikes and find out if any problems.  Maybe this all will be worth it if we can help out Triumph and other owners.  So, later for now and as soon as we get more concrete info I will post it ASAP!

Anchorage July 22 11 (15)

Mr. Red Squirrel who lives in Deb & Gary’s shed!  Cute eh?

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