Osprey Nest and Some BMW Video

This video can either bore you to death or could be enjoyable if you LOVE Osprey’s.  There is an Osprey nest near our house that I ride to as much as I can each nesting season.  This day I caught the pair incubating an unknown amount of eggs with the female “yelling” at her mate to get UP.  I was trying out some camera equipment that we were going to take on our Triumph Alaskan summer trip.  I missed the hatching because we left on June 29th, 2011 and came back after the season was over. At the end of the video I have some stills from my side trip up a forest road.  Could not take too many pics or video because the road was under construction and in not great shape.  Had to keep 2 hands on the handlebars.

Cheryl does not share the same wild life passion as I do but she tolerates me whenever we ride in this area and I make her stop so I can bird watch.  Cheryl usually plays on her iPhone patiently waiting until I have had my fill of the Osprey’s.  She is such a good partner! 😉

So, skip this video or sit back and watch…and I know I am a terrible videographer and editor…I am going to try and do something about that in the future.

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