Avoid Monkey BUTT & Stay DRY

While I agree with the whole base layer idea…this list is just touching the beginning of options out there.  We have been using LDComfort years as well as other brands but we find LD to actually work if you follow their care instructions and usage.  I also do not believe the use of compression shorts, pants and shirts work best on bikes.  Why?  We are not moving.  Compression gear works best when active and in reality while we might ride off-road, we are not really being active in the way compression under gear should be worn…just my 2 cents.

A great under gear set up also can help you avoid Monkey Butt…Google it..you DO NOT want to get Monkey butt while riding EVER. 😉  Keeping your skin dry with wicking undergarments will work but not single layer gear, look for double layered gear where the inside layer helps you to stay dry where it counts.

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