Ottawa & Old Montreal (Part II)

We took the train from Ottawa to Montreal which was great the way there.  Unexpectedly I bought economy business class seats which included a full course meal that was actually good.  Plus, alcohol, snacks etc.  All for about $10 more than the regular economy class.  On the way back all those seats were sold out and we were out of luck but heading to Montreal was a treat…literally!

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Ottawa & Montreal Recap (part I)

Not often do Cheryl and I get away without our bikes but when we do we make the best if it.  Visiting Cheryl in Ottawa while she continues her training for the IDENT section of the RCMP was great to walk about and see all the sights and sounds of these two Canadian cities.

We live in BC, Canada as many who read this blog know but heading to Ottawa and Old Montreal we both felt like we were in a totally different country.  While French is the official second language of Canada, most do not speak it in BC.  Having said that Ottawa and especially Old Montreal French dominates everyday chat.  Made us feel a little insecure as we both do not speak French.

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Timelapse – The City Limits

Want some calming in your life for a little over three minutes?  Watch this beautiful time lapse video. Wide screen is best! 🙂

About the maker:

I shot this timelapse montage from late 2010 through early 2011.
One year in the making.

My goal was to show the duality between city and nature.

Locations include :

– Montreal, Quebec, Canada
– Quebec city, Quebec, Canada
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
– Manhattan, New York, USA
– Chicago, Illinois, USA

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