Quick breakdown of ADV Boots for 2015

March 16th 2015

Philly, PA

I own the TCX Desert boot and the Alpinestars Toucan.  Older models and both Gore Tex.  TCX runs narrower than the AP.  If you order TCX boots I would go up a size and I would recommend both these boots for the price. 100% H20 proof but if you have wider feet the AP Toucan and the Sidi will work better for your fitment.

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Shoei RF-1200 Helmet Review & HORNET – I LOVE IT

The best helmet I’ve owned….still is in 2015 and now a great price!

Your Price

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Boots, Tires and Resting Place for My Bike

My boots, Alpinestars Toucans need new soles.  I am a short rider for the F8 and often have to really push off my left boot to get the bike up from its stand and it shows.  Still an amazing boot for the price and 100% H20 proof and so comfortable.  My Heidenau K60 Scout tires are the bomb.  Keep the PSI up and they last forever.  Rear has over 17,000 KM’s and still has plenty of tread left and the front has over 14,000 and is in really good shape.

My bike will stay in this exact place until I get back to the USA.  First time we are separated and yes, I will have a difficult time not being able to ride back in BC.  But…at least she has a spot with a window view 😉

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2014 Moto Gear Guides

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Dear Motorcycle Industry

This is an awesome article for all the female riders out there….I find it kind a funny but so true too…hope the industry starts to get it and more women out there express their own opinions about how we are perceived as riders…



Dear Motorcycle Industry

Leatt STX RR Neck Brace

Every once in a while I see an ADV rider wearing a LEATT brace but not many.  I have thought about adding this to our gear but many of the jackets out there are not LEATT friendly unless you move up into the real technical gear which for us seems to be just a bit over kill….suits like the KLIM ADV rally, Badlands Pro, Rukka gear etc.  This is not to say we all shouldn’t take the advise of racers and protect our necks but I was wondering….any ADV rider out there reading this post have an opinion?  To be ATGATT do we or should we be using this?

Source:  Motorcycle.com

Soon Our 1 YEAR Review of our 2013 BMW F800GS Bikes

We have owned our new now old bikes for 1 year.  I will soon post a review of our bikes now that we both have over 8000 KM’s on them, been off-road, taken decent length trips to assess its road competency and also here I will post an issue we have run into regarding the OEM canbus/socket plug.

In our review I will try to compare as much as I can the F800 to the Triumph Tiger 800XC that we rode for only 44 days to Alaska and they gave them back to Triumph Canada in 2011 and our 2010 BMW F650GS bikes too.

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Touratech Unveils KTM 1190 Adventure/R Product Line Prior North American Release

Such a beautiful looking bike…as pretty as the 2013 BMW 1200GS 😉

Submitted by on Tuesday, 10 September 2013  OneWheelDriveNet

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What’s new from Alpinestars, 2014

Source: GearChic

August 21, 2013 | no comments

alpinestars new land goretex jacket womens motorcycle waterproofalpinestars_new_land_pants_hiviz

Alpinestars just announced it’s 2014 collection, which includes quite a few options for women. I just love it when companies release new products for us. Here are my favorite pieces in the collection. Let’s start with a couple lightweights and then I’ll tell you more about the gorgeous touring outfit above. Everything is slated for September release. For now, you can preorder but most you won’t see delivery until sometime in September. Continue reading “What’s new from Alpinestars, 2014”

Macna Dry Cooling Vest | Review

So far I am hearing this works well with a mesh jacket…any real world experience with jackets like the KLIM Traverse out there?  In hot weather ATGATT is how we ride and this is one way to keep the core cool.  No different from wearing heated gear in the winter.

Riding in the Rain and Wind

by Jeff Cobb


Wearing really good gear can help in a down pour.  Preparing for the worst and hope for the best is our motto.  We wear Gore Tex suits and Gore Tex gloves in the rains we hit where we live and on the road.  We ride all year, rain or shine so we know a thing or two about staying safe in climate weather.  Personally, we both feel that rain should not be a deterrent but a reminder to take extra care and be respectful of Mother Nature.  Never over do it, be alert and you can still have fun. Also, bringing heated gear is always a good plan even in the summer months. 

Riding roads you have been on before also take on a whole different feel in the rain.  Rain can be beautiful even though you might not have too many views.  😉

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Motorcycle Safety Then and Now

Words By Noble McIntyre
Photos By Jeff Cobb

SOURCE:  Motorcycle Safety News

Motorcycles have always evoked an image of freedom, individuality, and as the case may be, rebellion. With that freedom, there is also the possibility of an injury.

Motorcycle safety has evolved significantly over the years and the rudimentary helmet and classic leather jacket have been replaced by modern materials.


Interest in developing motorcycle helmets began in 1935, when T.E. Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia) suffered a fatal motorcycle crash. His neurosurgeon, Hugh Cairns, began the research that would eventually lead to the development of the motorcycle crash helmet. The first patent for a motorcycle helmet was submitted in 1953 by Professor C. F. “Red” Lombard.

Riding is risky enough and racers know not to take excessive chances with their gear; their tech is continually trickling down to street riders. (Click on photos to enlarge.) Continue reading “Motorcycle Safety Then and Now”

Icon Variant Helmet

Love the look of the DS helmets do not love the drag many report at highways speeds.  This Icon looks and sounds like a decent DS alternative to its more expensive cousins like BMW, Arai and Shoei.


Mar 20, 2013 by

You be the Judge….

Read the entire post please

We have been posting on this blog since really June 2011.  Me, as in Leslie has reviewed  100’s of motorcycle accessories, bikes and gear, etc…and I really try to be fair and honest without losing credibility or defacing a company.  Up until now I have to say it’s been real easy to  keep things positive or critique as constructively as I can. 

However, recently,I was shocked by the response I got from a return I recently made and I will keep the business name anonymous for now because I can’t wait to see how they actually handle my order. Please note:  These lights were ON SALE for the public.  He did not discount them as a special favour to me as he implies in the below email…

Scenario is simple:  I order Rigid Aux LED lights for both our bikes from a USA company as I do in many cases, I see what they really look like on the same bike as ours this past weekend and decided NOPE, not for us…too big for the place we want to mount lights.  Simple right?  Well, even before I refused the package that I spent a lot of $$ to be shipped to Canada I emailed the owner, said thank you for answering all my questions but unfortunately these lights won’t work for us so I was going to not even open the package and just send it back….this is the first email I got back. Continue reading “You be the Judge….”


Cheryl and I have been wearing Alpinestars Scout Boots for years now and actually LOVE them…but like anything else new boots come out on the market always tempting us to try another.


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