Brief Chain Adjustment Video


Cheryl made a video showing the basics how to adjust her chain.  We do not claim to be Pro’s but are trying to learn as much as we can for our eventual BIG adventure where we will be in need of this knowledge and practice.  Cheryl really has a natural gift for diving right in and taking a part bikes, anything for that matter to figure out how things work for herself.

I am lucky to have such a great partner who seems to fear nothing.  Steering bearing will be her next project. 

Every video that has been posted on this BLOG can be seen on the Video Page link.


The other day Cheryl replaced her Chain and Sprockets, see video

Then someone mentioned he did not see us flare the rivets after we used the rivet press.  He was correct because we forgot that step.  Cheryl has since then finished the project by flaring the rivets with the same RK Pro tool we used to break and set the plate on the DID chain.  Here is the rivet flaring addendum to the above video.

Vimeo Version

Next video will be a simple one showing how Cheryl adjusted her chain.  She has learned all this herself and trial and error.  Good that someone in the family has the instincts and patience to learn and want to do all this maintenance. 

Reason for posting the videos is because it is part of the BLOG but also because we have had requests to make these videos if we could.  Hope they are somewhat useful. 

Caught in the Dark

Last year October 2010 we decided the last minute to take a ride to Winthrop, WA.  Left late in the day and got caught in the dark.  My video using my old Contour 1080p HD camera. 

Leslie’s Very 1st Forest Road Ride

My bike was brand new and my sales guy Sheldon, an excellent rider took me to a great forest road by Cultus Lake, BC as my first “big bike” off road experience. 

New Facebook Page

Come join us on our new Facebook Page.

Cheryl & Leslie’s Motorcycle Adventures Facebook Page

Loaded with the Tiger pics from this summer and we invite anyone and all to come over to the new page. follow our journey to buying our next bikes and more.  Plus, we would love to see other post their adventures too.

Changing the Chain and Sprocket Video (DIY)

remember all videos are on our video page as well. 

RK Chain Tool, Breaker, Press Fit and Rivet

This is how Cheryl & Leslie spent our Tuesday off from work together.

For those who rather watch on You Tube here is the video too

In the video you will get to see us use our chain breaking and installing device.  Very cool little tool.

Fall 3 Day Trip – Olympic Peninsula, 983 KM

The Olympic Peninsula is the large arm of land in western Washington state of the USA, that lies across Puget Sound from Seattle. It is bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean, the north by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the east by Puget Sound. Cape Alava, the westernmost point in the contiguous United States, and Cape Flattery, the north-westernmost point, are on the peninsula. The Olympic Peninsula contained many of the last unexplored places in the lower 48. It remained largely unmapped until Arthur Dodwell and Theodore Rixon mapped most of its topography and timber resources between 1898 and 1900.

October 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 2011

Our 3 Day Trip

Pictures and Videos to come!

The Northern Lights


Two things we did not see while traveling this summer, the dark and Aurora BorealisJust another thing to add to the bucket list.  🙂



Cross Country Trip 2010 – A montage of the last few days

Just made a short video showing the last few days of our Cross Country trip last year on our Beemers.  We were doing our best to avoid heading home.  Interesting though we got home August 11th 2010 last year and this year we ended on august 11th, 2011.  That was not planned. 

Last years trip was 26 days with riding for 23.  We saw 17 States, 5 provinces and did about 11870 KM.  This year we were away for 44 days, rode for about 37 and did almost 14,000 KM. 

My Test Ride of the Street Version of the Tiger 800 from April 12th 2011

This is from April 12, 2011 and we were not sure if we were going to be riding the Tigers on our trip yet.  This is a true impartial test ride. 

Last Batch from our 44 Day Adventure

Loon Bay right outside 100 Mile House BC, Our pit stop for 3 nights before heading home!




The cutest BUTT there is!



We loved this little cabin!
























































Most likely will be starting a new BLOG just about our motorcycle travels in general and no matter what bikes we own that will be our BLOG from now on.  Feel free to leave a comment if anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Homer and some of the Alaska Marine Highway too






























SPOT Connect = LOVE IT










Harbour @ Whittier, AK

























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