Suffering in Silence

suffer-in-silence_2If you make it to the bottom…;-) This could be for any loss.

There are many days since January 30th, 2014, the day my life to me turned upside down that I sit alone in solitude contemplating my future.  After my wife left I was lost, there was chaos inside my whole being.  Dramatic effect I have never really felt before.  Lost and confused I reached out.  I had to because I had no ability to defend my self against myself.  Intimidating to say the least.  I am a type A personality, I usually have control over most things, well…at least I think I do.  When I was left after 17 years I had zero control over my emotions. Continue reading “Suffering in Silence”

On This Day The RCMP Mourns

For those who are stopping by our Blog for the first time, Cheryl is a RCMP Constable and this certainly is upsetting to the entire force!


Statement issued by Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens

Good morning, Continue reading “On This Day The RCMP Mourns”

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