Chris Birch gives KTM1190 Wings!

OMG this guy is sick….I wish I could ride like him….

Chris Birch, X-treme Enduro champion and RedBull Romaniacs winner shows his versatile riding skills by blasting around on a KTM1190 Adventure R in the mud before launching it off a rock shelf.

11 Tips for Riding Off-Road

I love the RideApart articles and this is another great one with some good advise!

September 26, 2013



Riding off-road is an incredible amount of fun. No cops, no speed limits and, if you fall down, there’s no pavement to hit. But, it’s also completely different to riding on the street. Whether you’re a total n00b or consider yourself an expert, these 11 tips for riding off-road should help make you faster and safer. Continue reading “11 Tips for Riding Off-Road”

Making the Leap from On-to-Off-Road

If we did not ride in the rain we would never ride in BC 😉
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I get a lot of questions from guys and gals about transitioning from a street bike to a DS.  I like this article but don’t totally agree about choosing bike size.  You can go the route of buying a used smaller, lighter cc bike at first and practice.  Or….you can sort of do what we did which was went with a 2010 BMW F650GS and just learned as we rode.  What I mean is that buying a bike is not cheap.  Most of the Bigger DS bikes are road worthy too.  You can ease your way into the back roads with any bike you choose. 
If you are not into buying used, smaller or lighter at first, go with something you will like for a while and see how it goes.  It worked for us because we both knew in our hearts we wanted to be riding where the pavement ended.  Our 650’s did us WELL.  I got 60,000KM out of mine and Cheryl rode hers for 48,000KM. 
We have bought way too many bikes before we found our passion.  I should have listened to an old colleague of mine back in 2008 when he said to me, “Leslie you are sooooo not a street bike or cruiser grrl, you need to get a BMW 650.”  If I listen to Scott back then we would have not went out and bought bikes that only liked to road and we would be only on our 4th bikes versus 13th.  😉

Dual Sport Riding Technique: Sitting position vs. Standing (Cons)

SOURCE:  RIDE Adventures

See PRO’s post here

Posted by Eric Lange on Sat, Dec 15, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Dual Sport RidingIn the previous blog post about dual sport riding technique, we talked about the Pros or reasons to opt for standing position in off road riding.  The point of this 2nd part of the article is to remind riders that, just because the terrain you’re on isn’t paved, that doesn’t mean you need to be standing up on your motorcycle.  (Some riders draw an automatic connection between the two, thinking that: Dirt = Standing.)  While there are plenty of good reasons to ride standing sometimes, of course there are “Cons” to standing as well that we’re about to address for you:

Why NOT to Stand Continue reading “Dual Sport Riding Technique: Sitting position vs. Standing (Cons)”

Dual Sport Riding Technique: Sitting position vs. Standing (Pros)

SOURCE:  RIDE Adventures

Posted by Eric Lange on Wed, Dec 12, 2012 @ 09:47 PM

Dual Sport RidingWith the world of dual sport riding booming each year, adventure riders are heading out in droves to test their skills both on and off road.  As the less experienced riders first start to experiencing the changing terrain, weather conditions, and speeds, the question keeps coming up: “Should I be sitting or standing when I’m off road?” Continue reading “Dual Sport Riding Technique: Sitting position vs. Standing (Pros)”


This is an advertisement for Rawhyde Adventures DVD but I thought I would post it just in case some out there might actually want this DVD to learn off-road riding techniques especially on the BMW GS bikes.  All techniques and skills can be utilized of course on any DS bike as well. 

Cheryl and I have really been thinking about taking one of the Rawhyde courses.  We could always learn how to be better, more skilled and safer off-road riders.  I think one of these days we will do just that….take some time out of vacation days and sign up for an off-road course.  Can’t lose by doing this real life practice and education.

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