Days Come Together – Day 21 & 22

Seems like so long ago I was a guest at the Dundas Glen Bed & Breakfast.  Located in Dundas, Ontario near Hamilton.  I was the first guest at this newly soon to be open B&B.  Hosted by Travis and Susan and their little daughter Georgia.  I arrived here on Day 21 and spent a night chatting with the Hosts about my travels and their travels over a great steak dinner, salad, beer and baked potatoes.  😉

Travis has been one of my face book page readers as well as the blog and invited me to come stay with his family back in March.  Glad this layover got to happen and my route took me this way.

Travis owns the same bike as mine and both are ADV riders.  They are also hoping to get known in the ADV world as a B&B that will accommodate travelers like myself and offer a very cozy and hospitable place to stay and eat for passerby’s. Continue reading “Days Come Together – Day 21 & 22”

Day 21 – Geneva, NY – Dundas, Ontario!

I will be taking a little break from updating the blog.  I need to focus on getting home in a safe but timely manner while also trying to soak in the last days of my trip.  I guess a little me time if that makes any sense.

So, this day and any others will be updated as soon as I can.

Heading to the Lake Michigan for day 22 and going to try to catch the 1645 Hr fast ferry across the lake tomorrow. 577 km’s to the ferry from Dundas so need to get an early start. Hopefully if I cruise fast enough I will be on that boat tomorrow.


From the beginning outside Glacier National Park
From the beginning outside Glacier National Park



Ottawa & Old Montreal (Part II)

We took the train from Ottawa to Montreal which was great the way there.  Unexpectedly I bought economy business class seats which included a full course meal that was actually good.  Plus, alcohol, snacks etc.  All for about $10 more than the regular economy class.  On the way back all those seats were sold out and we were out of luck but heading to Montreal was a treat…literally!

After arriving at the Montreal station we walked about 15 mins through town to get to our very contemporary yet warm and inviting hotel Continue reading “Ottawa & Old Montreal (Part II)”

Ottawa & Montreal Recap (part I)

Not often do Cheryl and I get away without our bikes but when we do we make the best if it.  Visiting Cheryl in Ottawa while she continues her training for the IDENT section of the RCMP was great to walk about and see all the sights and sounds of these two Canadian cities.

We live in BC, Canada as many who read this blog know but heading to Ottawa and Old Montreal we both felt like we were in a totally different country.  While French is the official second language of Canada, most do not speak it in BC.  Having said that Ottawa and especially Old Montreal French dominates everyday chat.  Made us feel a little insecure as we both do not speak French.

Continue reading “Ottawa & Montreal Recap (part I)”

Fifty Years of Kicks – Motorcycle Documentary (full-length)

I LOVE this documentary….inspiring…this means we can ride for many years to come…such wisdom, such great guys such dedication!  We all should learn from this well done video!

By Motojournalism and Traction off-road E-rag. Documentary on riders Paul Rodden and Larry Murray two well heeled motorcyclists who just won’t stop doing what they love. More info and behind-the-scenes at
updates via twitter @motojournalism

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