Went down to our dealer on Sunday, May 5th to check out the BMW Demo day.  I was not able to reserve a spot to test ride anything because of work and when I arrived all the bikes were signed out.  Signed out for every ride no less. 

Pacific Motosports 

Hosted the ride and all riders got to go out for at least an hour on the bikes.  There were demo’s of almost every bike they make except the new 800 Adventure was not there. I really wanted to ride the F800GT and the new 1200 but I just watched and then enjoyed a great solo ride in the exceptional heat.  It was over 30 C or 90 F yesterday.  Cheryl was at work and I just rode around to decompress from my work.   May have to purchase a smaller tent for myself soon.  Cheryl’s new job is not as flexible with days off and I have a feeling I will be doing some rallies unfortunately alone.

We might have to wait a bit until Cheryl settles in and gets through her apprenticeship before we start making any real bike plans.  As for me?  I need to embrace solo riding which might be good…I hope we both can attend the BMW MOA rally in Salem, Oregon together but I don’t think Cheryl will be able to get to the Touratech event in June or some local rides our dealer has set up like this one.. Continue reading “BMW DEMO DAY”

Up close the 1200GS

I’ve said this before an I am certain some that read this blog might think the same way…when getting a service or anything done to my bike I could sit at the dealer all day like I did yesterday.  However, I ended up working from the dealer, making T Con calls, emails, you know work stuff but also walked around the showroom, had lunch with a fellow rider who has TONS of mileage on her 1200RT.  I mean like over 200,000 KM on her 2004 bike.

Rusty the service manager is going to LOVE this…if you need anything at PACIFIC MOTORSPORTS

Contact Rusty 😉

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Adventure Riding Night

 Pacific motorsports. Vancouver BMW Triumph Aprilia Moto Guzzi Husqvarna MV Agusta dealer logo

Events and News

I am honored to be invited to speak at PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS our BMW dealer.

Free food, KLIM there and the intro of the new BMW 1200GS, plus me!  Cheryl is still in Ottawa but I get to share many pictures and stories about our Adventure riding endeavors!  What would be better than being around like minded folks/riders….good food and a great dealer?  Ummm…Cheryl being there but I think I can handle it!  😉

Hope some readers of this blog who are local will come down on Friday, March 22!  I think it’s going to be a fun night!

Special Guest speaker: LESLIE SOFARELLI

Friday, March 22, 2013 (6pm – 9pm)


Just me heading down to Pacific Motosports for their Open House and the Grand Opening of Ducati Richmond.  Great day out while Cheryl studied for her forensics stuff.

So many bikes….I have learned I am attracted to shiny new bike of any kind…;-)

Playing around once again with iMovie…see pics after your click on more

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1000 KM Service – No Big Deal

Bike is all good at its 1000KM service.  EXCEPT….I screwed up the clutch cable after Cheryl installed the risers.  WE made sure we had enough slack in the cable but I guess we forgot that you must have enough bend in the cable too.  I did not adjust my lever enough by tilting it downwards.  Hence, the cable would bend when turning. I was not aware I was doing damage because that little rubber thingy that covers the cable hid the damage I was doing. 

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Leslie’s F800GS Pick Up Day

All ready posted this but will give its own air time…just a quick run down of the day….thanks Sheldon and the folks at Pacific Motosports for taking our $$ for the fourth time.  Just kidding…easy dealership to work with and that makes it easy to want to buy bike from them…..

ONE Day Old

Not going to do a formal post but here is our second 2013 BMW F800GS to complete our garage.  Pick up was yesterday, Oct. 13 2012 and while Cheryl’s bike was in for her first 1000KM service I got the pleasure of buying my bike this day in the pouring Vancouver rain.

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The long way south 6 months solo drive from Canada to Argentina along the pacific coast.

I feel the need to highlight another ADV trip.  We met Guillaume at Pacific Motosports back in July the day he was leaving on his 6 month trip.  Nice guy, got himself a brand new 2012 F800GS that day and seriously after we got done speaking about his lone adventure he was off on day 1. 

I have been checking in on him and his blog.  He will soon be heading to South America for his final leg.  Check him out….we love supporting “fellow” explorers and at the same time a bit envious that so many riders are out there riding while many of us are working….;-)  Meet Guillaume!


What’s your plan?


In Mexico!

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Simple One Down One to Go

Just like that…we are going to be owners of two 2013 BMW F800GS bikes…in a blink of an eye…Why Beemers and not the Triumph Tiger 800XC?  Hmmmm…we have accessories than can transfer from our 650’s to the 800’s.  3 year warranty and to be honest while we LOVED the Tigers, the BMW’s feel more like us right now.  Maybe we made the wrong decision?  Dunno…I mean our dealer sells Triumph’s too. 

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2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!

2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 1.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 2.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 3.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 4.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 5.jpg

2013 BMW Motorcycle Wallpaper

If we bought these bikes we will be fighting over the colors. Which one do you think we both like???? Continue reading “2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!”

Triumph Explorer & Tire Day

Our day started out early because we had to get down to our dealer PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS

to get our new tires mounted.  We are leaving we hope Monday for just a short 2 weeks trip down to the KLIM Adventure rally and then we are not sure where.

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My 40,000 KM Service at 48,000 KM

Look at the pic below and guess what Leslie did wrong on her own DIY project.

***UPDATE:  The mistake was found in the comments below and also I just replaced my low beam with a Philips Moto Vision bulb DOT approved.  Want to see how long this one lasts and if it is even brighter than the PIAA as promised. 

I guess you can say I run a little late when getting some of the servicing done to my bike.  According to the servicing schedule for my BMW F650GS the valves need to be inspected every 20,000 KM.  Well I did this in and around 20K but did not get around to my next inspection until yesterday, Dec. 6th.  Good news everything was within spec.  No adjustments needed.  I had the guys do some  preventative stuff to my bike, all that can done by yourself but I figure since the bike was apart why not get a new air filter and spark plugs. 

Cheryl is mainly responsible for maintaining our bikes. Her attention span to details is way way better than mine.  Hence the first picture.  I am going to post a pic and I want to see if anyone can tell us what is wrong in the pic and what is it that you are looking at.  Tomorrow I will reveal what I did incorrectly when left to my own devices and trying to a DIY project.  I have learned after my trip to Pacific Motosports 

that if I am going to participate in motorcycle maintenance than I need to have Cheryl thoroughly inspect my “work”.  😉

Take a look at Pacific Motosports FB page and have a LIKE…how many dealers do you know have a stock like them and they are ADV biker friendly! PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS FACEBOOK PAGE

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