Comfort Trailer Home “ProtoHaus”

trailer home

Every once in awhile, most recently when we got back from Alaska this past summer, August 11th 2011, Cheryl will bring up the idea we should down size our 3200sq house to something much smaller.  She has even talked about living in one of these Tiny houses.  I have thought about it but that’s about it.  Am I too attached to my space?  All our “stuff”?  Could I consolidate that much to fit into a Tiny space like this?  In theory I think I would love to say yes, but in reality I think I am just spoiled and love having space and things.  I really do not want to be this way but it is what it is.  Does that mean we will not down size someday?  No.  We will….as we get “older” and want to ride further away from home, we will need to have something less high maintenance and be able to travel with our bikes more freely.

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