The 10 Dos and Don’ts of the Dalton

For those planning on riding the Dalton in 2013, heed these warnings.  😉 featuring some Motoquest info as well as Adventure Cycleworks. As the article says at least biker dies each year!  We always carry a SPOT with extra insurance for that just in case air vac and extra fuel. Posted by: Phil Freeman on […]

Repeat Post of our Video with Ray Jardine

I love this video of Ray after riding all the way from Deadhorse to Fairbanks.  Ray Jardine is an amazing man…just Google his name.  Ray was a great riding partner for the 800 KM we did on July 16th, 2011.  we went through rain, sludge, mud and as predicted by Cheryl the sun came out […]


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Doris Wiedemann–Amazing ADV rider

Doris Wiedemann – Winter Trip to Prudhoe Bay 2009 Thanks to Richard M.  Fellow Blogger for pointing me to this site. R1Sjaak and Doris Wiedemann arriving on Prudhoe Bay in winter after a 16.000 km. ride on two motorcycles. Attican Pass and Deadhorse on two motorcycles at -35 Celsius R1 Sjaak and Doris […]

Dalton Highway Heading North

Quiet on the Blog these days but I will keep adding little videos and bits of info as they pass by my computer not only to add to this BLOG but to continue with our own documentation of this trip.  We have been looking back on the trip and taking our time to read what […]

Deadhorse Tour

You ever wonder what Deadhorse looks like?  Ever wonder why so many ADV riders come here other than the Arctic Ocean?  Here is Deadhorse in a nutshell.  Also, in my last post I mentioned meeting a man named Ray.  Well, we ended up chatting with Ray at dinner only to find out that he is […]

Wiseman to Deadhorse part II Dalton Highway (371 KM)

I have read so many ride reports by other motorcyclists and have seen so many pictures of Alaska and some of the places we have been, but to be living and doing it all ourselves is a whole other story.  The vastness of the Alaskan Tundra is almost overwhelming.  We feel so small when riding […]