Local Mounties celebrate response to video project

all people involved in t his project have been getting thousands of positive comments and messages.  To the point of being overwhelming to Cheryl and many others.  That is a good thing!  TWEET this to @theellenshow  😉 Surrey Share on facebook Send to Facebook Share on twitter Tweet this Share on email Email Share on print Print 2012-11-09 13:04 […]

A Break From Our Regular Programming!

B.C. gay and lesbian Mounties featured in RCMP ‘It Gets Better’ video – THIS is WHY Cheryl & the RCMP Made this VIDEO. CLICK here to actually see Cheryl being interviewed! Our BLOG post of cute puppies has gone wild over the last week….and now I would like to try and draw some attention to […]

‘It Gets Better’: RCMP Video Features LGBT Officers

‘It Gets Better’: RCMP Video Features LGBT Officers. Please watch and share…this project was near and dear to Cheryl’s heart and she is in it too!  This is a first for the RCMP and we want to show worldwide support.   Even if this video reaches just one KID….that would be amazing!