RED dots!

On October 28th 2012 Clustr Maps will archive our BLOG hits to clean up the red dots…here is a map from October 14th 2012…is your country represented?  your State?  Region? County? Province etc?  The bigger the red dot the more people have viewed the blog…

The long way south 6 months solo drive from Canada to Argentina along the pacific coast.

I feel the need to highlight another ADV trip.  We met Guillaume at Pacific Motosports back in July the day he was leaving on his 6 month trip.  Nice guy, got himself a brand new 2012 F800GS that day and seriously after we got done speaking about his lone adventure he was off on day […]

Best Time of Year to Travel to South America!

Why am I posting this?  Just thinking of where to go next for a big trip.  😉 Remember that the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere:

Dakar Highlights Stage 1

Having issues trying to find a way to watch a live feed of the race while in New York and I imagine we will run into the same problems when we get back to Canada.  So, the Tube is helping with highlights.  One unfortunate death has happened all ready which from what I hear happens […]

No Jobs, No Responsibilities, No Better Time than Now

ALEX’S ADVENTURE – A GREAT READ CLICK HERE If you LOVE ride reports as I do….check out what Alex did for his adventure.  He left back in April 2011 and just came home this month, December 2011 to the Pacific Northwest.  Amazing story, amazing RR…show casing what ADV riding is all about.  The ups and […]


WEB SITE HERE     The road book Port of Delta Dock – Mar del Plata is available. All the race and assistance vehicles will have to conform to the customs formalities described there. Iritrack, Tripy : all the order forms and installation guides are now available. Cars / Trucks / Assitance : Don’t forget […]


THOUSANDS ARE STOPPING BY, WHY NOT JUST LEAVE A COMMENT OR TWO WHERE YOU ARE FROM IN THE WORLD?  175 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED ON HERE….WE ARE VERY THANKFUL! We want to know where everyone is from who is taking a look at the BLOG….if you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment as to where you are in […]