50 States Ranked for Highest Motorcycle Ownership

By Blake Bos
February 16, 2014 

SOURCE: Fool.com

As of the most recent report by the Department of Transportation, there were 8,410,255 motorcycles registered in the United States by private citizens and commercial organizations in 2011. To put this staggering number into perceptive, out of every 36 people you meet in the U.S., one of them probably has a motorcycle. For ranking purposes, we won’t be looking at total bikes in a state, but rather people per motorcycle (the lower the number, the more common bikes are). So what states in America have the most die-hard moto-enthusiasts?

3. Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain — Iowa


Iowa is now home to the production of the famous Indian motorcycle. Image: WikiCommons Continue reading “50 States Ranked for Highest Motorcycle Ownership”

TOP USA States to visit our BLOG – Is your State here?

The following States have over thousand views that have checked out our blog.  Is your state listed?  The United States so far is the country who looks at the blog the most.

Also, I would LOVE to know who checks in from Council Bluffs Iowa?  For some reason this location sticks out to me every time I check my stats!  I am just curious if anyone will fess up that they are from there…. 😉 

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