The Unseen Lives of Miniature Cement People

Probably the most bizarre form of art/photography I have ever seen…..weird but cool

SOURCE:  TwistedSifter on StumbleUpon

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish artist that has been working on his own projects since 1999. His ongoing series entitled Cement Eclipses began in art school in 2002 but he didn’t start placing them on the streets until 2006, with his first piece laid in the city of Vigo, Spain.

Cordal makes the tiny sculptures in his apartment/home studio. He has placed them in major cities all around Europe including: London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin and Brussels. “Small interventions in big cities,” is how Cordal characterized Cement Eclipses.

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Cool Street Art & Inventive Urban Art

Very cool and beyond creative!

Inventive Street Art 01

Collection of Inventive Urban Art & Cool Street Art

One of the great things about cool street art is how inventive and original it can be.  It can be incredible how some people perceive the world and can create something seemingly out of nothing.  It is the essence of opportunistic art and is often the most quoted and memorable pieces.  Not all of the pieces I have included are created like this but are equally inventive and original.

See more cool street art, inventive urban art & graffiti art online on Mr Pilgrim’s google plus or facebook pages.

mr pilgrim, graffiti artists, urban art, cool street art, inventive urban art.

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The Street Art of Kenny Random [21 pics]


Kenny Random is a street artist hailing from Padova, Italy. Beyond that there is not much information on the artist aside from his fantastic artwork that can be seen on his personal website and Facebook. His older work primarily centers around a silhouetted man and his cat. They can be spotted roaming the city, injecting colour and traipsing over poorly scrawled graffiti.

In his newer work, Kenny incorporates cartoon characters. As he explains to My Modern Met:

“I like playing with fantasy and reality, so I try and find the best location to give more power to all the cartoon characters. Cartoons are very powerful on paper, but on the street they become part of real life; the right place can give them an amazing power!”

Kenny Random: Website | Facebook | Gallery


kenny random street art (3)

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106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010

The bottoms one;s are as good as the top!  There are MANY pictures of the street art…and I mean a TON!  Enjoy!

More info.

More info. More Banksy on

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