Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (UTBDR) Extended Trailer

This is a really good trailer to watch and see some of the back country of UTAH.  Especially good for those who read this BLOG from outside North America.  One thing missing from this video is a female ADV rider….HINT!!!!!!  😉  Love their KLIM suits, Touratech seems to be a sponsor of everything as well as KLIM.  The KTM and BMW bikes look awesome….sure makes you want to ride!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy!

Got this link from Pacific Motosports  They are working on their new site….have look at their old site…this is our BMW dealer.

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The Denali Highway

Mile 42 on the Denali Highway is the Maclaren River Lodge owned and operated by Alan and Susie with their gracious host Heidi when we visited this lodge on our Alaskan Adventure Summer 2011.  We arrived on a really rainy day, it was cold and we were hungry.  As usual not really planning where and when we would stop we came across the Lodge.  Settled into our rooms, Heidi gave us a space heater, went back to the restaurant, ate, used the WiFi and drank beer.  Most impressively was we were able to get warm and were greeted by very nice folks. Continue reading “MACLAREN RIVER LODGE ON THE DENALI HIGHWAY”

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