“Prudhoe Bay Motel perfect for the end of the road”

PRUDHOE BAY MOTEL, ADVGRRLS TRIP ADVISER REVIEW Yeah this hotel is expensive at $110 per person but there are not many choices in Deadhorse. PLUS, you get to eat 24 hrs a day in their really good cafeteria. So, for the money you get WIFI, a very clean room and facility, clean showers & bathrooms, […]

“Oasis in the Middle of Nowhere”

ADVGRRLS Review of BOREAL LODGE off the DALTON HIGHWAY on Trip Adviser Much nicer and cheaper than Coldfoot!  You should remember this place if you are going to ride the Dalton! 😉 We promised the owners of this lodge we would post a review on Trip Adviser and I finally got around to doing just […]