Top 10 Adventure Motorcycles for Shorter Riders

At the request of the site who has the original post they have asked I link the rest of the story from this blog…so, if you want to read all about the top 10 bikes please head on over to ADV Pulse to read it all.  Thanks.  Leslie

I love finding articles that deal with real life challenges for those of us who want to ride an ADV bike so badly but have been cursed with being vertically challenged.  This article was sent to me by a FB page reader from ADV Pulse

ADV bikes as I have said before can be the right bike for you despite seat height.  I am proof…5′ almost 5″ 😉  and an inseam of 30.5.  Plus, I am a grrl, I have thighs that push my legs out even further than a guy while sitting on the seat making the ground that much further on my F8.  But you want to know the truth?  I was intimidated buying a regular height BMW F800 at first.  But now over 11,000 KM’s later I would have regretted getting the low suspension because I am a confident, not cocky rider who can ride my bike safely and with ease.  I am mindful as to where I park more so but in the end I have absolutely NO issues with the seat height.  So, lesson?  There is an ADV bike out there for you….don’t under estimate you riding abilities as well don’t over-estimate them as well.  

Know you will get used to not being flat-footed, you will adjust your riding habits to the bike you ride.  Enjoy the search….and I think articles like this sure will hit home for some of you….at least you can see there are a few ADV/DS bikes out there that might make you feel comfortable enough to buy.

Trying to find an Adventure Motorcycle with a reasonable seat height can be a frustrating experience. Adventure Bikes are some of the tallest motorcycles in existence. Their long-travel suspension smooths out the bumps off-road, but it also gives them a tall seat that makes it hard to touch both feet on the ground.

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RoadRUNNER’s Top Five Big Adventure Bikes for 2014

Nov 02, 2013  by

RoadRUNNER's Top Five Big Adventure Bikes for 2014

The large displacement adventure bike category has been a bright spot for the motorcycle industry over the past few years. The segment has seen sales growth that bucks the trend across the rest of the motorcycle landscape. This has resulted in a plethora of choices for the buyer. But which bike is best? We’ve ranked what we think are the top five 1,000cc plus adventure bikes on the market for 2014. Continue reading “RoadRUNNER’s Top Five Big Adventure Bikes for 2014”

2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Review


Triumph-Tiger-Explorer-XC-featured2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer XCPhoto Credit: Rich Cox

Greg Drevenstedt

When Triumph introduced its Tiger 800 and 800XC for 2011 and Tiger Explorer for 2012, the British manufacturer clearly wanted a slice of the rapidly growing adventure-touring market, with its sights set primarily on BMW’s popular GS line. The Tiger 800/XC compete head-to-head with the BMW F 650 GS and F 800 GS, respectively, and the Tiger Explorer competes with the BMW R 1200 GS, as well as other big-bore adventure bikes such as the Ducati Multistrada 1200, KTM 990/1190 Adventure and Yamaha Super Ténéré. Continue reading “2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Review”

2013 Triumph Daytona 675R

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Click photos to enlarge. Our big, clean bike pics make great desktop wallpaper.

2013 Triumph Daytona 675R
2013 Triumph Daytona 675R

2013 Triumph Daytona 675R
2013 Triumph Daytona 675R

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VANCOUVER Motorcycle Show @ Abbotsford, BC

January 19th, 2013

Cheryl and I rode out to the Vancouver Show Saturday to check out the latest and greatest.  Not that we haven’t been keeping an eye out for all these great bikes but seeing them in person is always a treat.  Riding out to the show we were confronted with our infamous FOG.  Cold out and frosty, this fog makes it almost impossible to see.  At times it freezes on your shield but the real nuisance is how the fog saturates your shield making you wish you actually had a wind shield wiper.  

Both Cheryl and I agree riding in this type of FOG is not fun and we would rather be poured on versus this crap. Having said that, there were pockets where the sun broke through and the glare off the wet roads was blinding.  Sun glasses came out, FOG rolled back in and it was like this to the show and back home.  We only live about 40 minutes away from Abbostford but riding in this stuff makes it seem further.  In the end worth it though, we get to park for free and right in front of the entrance.  Anyone driving a cage by the time we got there, around noon had to park FAR away and paid! 😉

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2013 Triumph Tiger Sport

Is this a winner as a new improved Tiger 1050??? Read it on RoadRUNNER
Jan 11, 2013  by

2013 Triumph Tiger Sport
For 2013, Triumph’s venerable Tiger 1050 gets a new name and becomes a more focused street machine. Splitting the difference between its stable mates the 800cc Tiger 800 and 1200cc Tiger Explorer, the new Tiger Sport’s 1050cc triple gets a substantial power boost for 2013, up to a claimed 123 hp and 77 lb. ft of torque. This newfound grunt comes courtesy of new exhaust and a revised intake system. In addition, new fuel injection calibration increases fuel economy by seven percent. Other changes for 2013 include a new (and very handsome) single-sided swingarm, new headlights, improved ergonomics, revised spring rates and damping, tweaks to the steering geometry, and Triumph’s latest ABS system. The new Tiger will be available in either Crystal White or Diablo Red, though U.S. availability and pricing have yet to be announced.

2013 Triumph Tiger Sport
2013 Triumph Tiger Sport
2013 Triumph Tiger Sport

The All New Trophy Motorbike from Triumph Motorcycles Ltd

Starts at $19,999

The all new Triumph Trophy Motorcycle with 1215cc 3-cylinder shaft drive. The Triumph Trophy motorcycle gives you the torque, performance and handling for a sublime riding experience. Choose either the Trophy or the Trophy SE with the addition of electronically adjustable suspension and a sophisticated audio system.

Triumph Scrambler by JvB-moto

Sweet looking Scrambler.

Triumph Scrambler custom

If you were taken with the Triumph Tridays “Rumbler”—and it was one of the most popular bikes we’ve shown so far this year—then this is the bike for you. Continue reading “Triumph Scrambler by JvB-moto”

Adventure Summit

Once again a rider has really been able to capture via his video just what ADV riding is all about.  I am not sure we would ever be able to just ride pavement ever…well, we might have to when we get older… 😉

Everyday I see the majority of bikes being cruisers on the road.  When we both see an ADV bike there is an instantaneous instinct to want to wave and if they are loaded, Leslie wants to catch up with them and find out where they are going and where they have been.  That is the ADV way for us.  Just seems that ADV riders have more stories about the elements, the terrain, where their GPS took them only to find a gate closed on a dirt road.  We love camping stories and where other riders found the “best” spot.  We like to see at times how long we can go before we see people….finding that route that takes you where you can see things that a cruiser or car won’t let you is how we see it.

Have a peek…you will love this video too.

Triumph Explorer & Tire Day

Our day started out early because we had to get down to our dealer PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS

to get our new tires mounted.  We are leaving we hope Monday for just a short 2 weeks trip down to the KLIM Adventure rally and then we are not sure where.

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Atigun Pass 2011

Heading into a very rainy Atigun Pass, Summer 2011.  We left for 44 days last year on June 29th.  A part of me feels a little sad that we are not leaving this year for a similar trip.  We would go back to Alaska in a heart beat and one day will return…some reflective pictures to remind us of the rain we battled!

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Motorcycle Photography: An Art Form

Great pictures I found posted by this guy Tim Scott

What is art? To most people it’s a painting in a museum, a sculpture in an art gallery, or even a dramatic independent film that changed the way they think about life. By definition Art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. So technically anything that’s beautiful or appealing can be art.

Well in my opinion motorcycles are an art form all in there own. From the smooth lines of the frame, all the way to the winding curves of the pipes and tank. Even the gas cap, can be a focal point of a bike. Designers can spend years sculpting raw metal into one off beautiful concepts that defy all standards. Now it’s one thing to create this art, but it’s another thing to capture it in it’s natural environment…the open road! So I’ve compiled a list of the best Motorcycle Photography on the interwebs. Some of these are from commercial ads, others are private, but all are beautiful. Check it out!

Motorcycle Photography - Snow Mountains

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A new website on the web that points ADV riders in the right direction for accessories, where to ride, gear companies who are top-notch, online dealers who have great reputations for their products and customer service.  If you are getting into ADV riding and need info and direction, this is for you.  If you are an avid ADV rider all ready this site is for you too.  As a matter of fact it’s for all of us who love to ride and are in the market for accessories, riding tricks etc.  Check it out….it’s a great bookmark! click here!

Apehouse TV Where the Pavement Ends (Short Documentary)

This is WHAT ADV riding is all about….those who ride the pavement only…need to watch this more than folks like us!  😉

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