The Unseen Lives of Miniature Cement People

Probably the most bizarre form of art/photography I have ever seen…..weird but cool

SOURCE:  TwistedSifter on StumbleUpon

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish artist that has been working on his own projects since 1999. His ongoing series entitled Cement Eclipses began in art school in 2002 but he didn’t start placing them on the streets until 2006, with his first piece laid in the city of Vigo, Spain.

Cordal makes the tiny sculptures in his apartment/home studio. He has placed them in major cities all around Europe including: London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin and Brussels. “Small interventions in big cities,” is how Cordal characterized Cement Eclipses.

In a 2012 interview with Agenda Magazine, Cordal explains: Continue reading “The Unseen Lives of Miniature Cement People”



Photograph via ubomw on Reddit

Why fly when you can surf? This is without doubt, the coolest duck in the history of our planet. It was uploaded to Reddit earlier this week by ubomw and has since spawned an epic photoshop battle. Continue reading “COOLEST. DUCK. EVER”

Animated Animals Edition


Click the links

– 1. Hello
– 2. Oh hai
– 3. Gorillas fascinated by a caterpillar
– 4. Terrible way to wake up from a nightmare
– 5. Almost as bad
– 6. Some penguins just want to watch the world burn
– 7. Whale-bow
– 8. Snaggled
– 9. Also snaggled
– 10. Hamster ball evolution Continue reading “Animated Animals Edition”

25 Really Creative Floor Sticker Ads


Below you will find a collection of creative, provocative and sometimes funny floor sticker ads that caught our eye. It’s fascinating to see the ideas ad agencies can come up with when they are not constrained by the restrictive borders of a magazine or billboard. If you know of any other really creative sidewalk, elevator or floor ads that we missed, please let us know in the comments! If there’s enough maybe a follow-up post will be in order :)


aerial overhead shot of floor sticker ad with a giant dog that makes people look like fleas and ticks

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50 Really Creative Billboards

For a really great archive and resource of advertisements (of all mediums), I highly recommend Ads of the World. They do a fantastic job of cataloguing ads and are a great source for inspiration.



beer billboard using light to create shadow of person reaching for a beer

Continue reading “50 Really Creative Billboards”

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