21 Roads to Drive Before you Die


There’s nothing like a road trip to really experience a country. From coastal highways and dizzying mountain passes, to scenic routes through national parks and bridges over great spans of water; roads are the circulatory system that connects a country. After an extensive search online, the Sifter has compiled a list of some of the most beautiful, challenging and unforgettable roads in the world.

While hardly exhaustive, this list should provide great inspiration and bucket list fodder for those planning an upcoming trip. Please feel free to share any additional roads in the comments and perhaps a pt II will be compiled 🙂

1. Highway 1, Big Sur, California


15 Aerial Photos of Iceland That Look Like Abstract Paintings


Andre Ermolaev is a Russian photographer who takes incredible aerial and landscape photographs. In his series entitled Iceland. River., Andre shows us the beautiful environment of Iceland from above.

The rivers and streams shown, which are carrying sediment from volcanoes and glaciers give the photos the incredible colours and textures. The photographs could easily be mistaken for abstract landscape paintings. Andre tells My Modern Met:

“Iceland is a wonderful country; I would even say that it is a true paradise for all the photo shooting-lovers. But what has become a real discovery for me is the bird’s eye view of the rivers flowing along the black volcanic sand. It is an inexpressible combination of colors, lines, and patterns. The photo represents the mouth of the river falling into the ocean.

A little bit upstream there is a yellow-colored brook flowing into the river, but yellow currents fail to mix with the main water flow. One can estimate the scale judging by the car tracks that are clearly seen on the black sand. This is just a river, just a volcano, just our planet.” – Source

Be sure to check out the complete 63-picture gallery at Andre’s official website andreabe.fishup.ru


Photograph by Andre Ermolaev

Nature’s Fury: 30 Chilling Photos of Natural Hazards

Supercell Thunderstorm in Montana – Photograph by Sean Heavey

From violent volcanoes to horrifying hurricanes, Mother Nature’s fury is a sight to behold. With so much human conflict and suffering, we often underestimate the awesome and destructive power of nature. While the science behind these events is utterly fascinating, the consequences can be dire and we must respect the power of the planet we live in. Here are 30 chilling reminders of nature’s fury:


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20 Clever Logos with Hidden Symbolism

In the world of advertising, logo design & branding is one of the key pillars of a company’s identity. The amount of thought and work that goes behind the seemingly simplest of logos would boggle the mind of any advertising outsider. Below we will review 20 clever logos that have hidden symbolism you may have not noticed before. Some are obvious, others are subtle, but all of them are interesting to examine. Enjoy!

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