Despite the Rain! 11 days to go!

Today we pick up the Tiger’s despite the typical Vancouver rain.  We get the bikes for the weekend to try and put some KM’s on them and then they go back to the dealer for a “check up”.  From what we have been told some accessories have been installed and we have some extra’s that we will install as well.  One being the enlarge kick stand foot print.  This is important to us especially when the bikes are loaded with luggage and when we have to park on uneven terrain.  Pics later?  Sure….once we get them and bring them home we will post pics!

LUGGAGE being Shipped today

13 days….our Jesse luggage is being shipped today! Maybe ready at the border for pick up by Saturday or Monday the latest! Al Jesse made the luggage specifically for this trip! Thanks AL!  We will post pics of the beautiful luggage as soon as we can.  This stuff is top-notch!

The Bikes are BUILT!

The bikes are assembled and batteries being charged.  Just waiting on insurance and for the accessories to all come in.  Still many details being finalized and as riders we are so ready to start putting some KM’s on these Tigers!

Assembly Day? 15 days to go!

We sure hope the bikes get out of their boxes and get put together today.  When the Tiger’s actually get in our garage I think we will start believing this will happen.  Not that we doubt it of course.  Just hard to really see the whole picture when you are missing the bikes.  WE heard through the grape vine today or tomorrow could be the day for the build.  Things are getting into high gear now and still a lot to do but in the end….as Cheryl would say, “It will all work out”.

Just testing taking video using a telescopic pole

Silly test video of me filming us with my Contour HD camera attached to a pole…just having fun!

Camping gear all looks good!

Inventory done, checked out gear and all looks like it is in working order!  We don’t have many weekends off together before we leave so today was a productive day.

Getting camping stuff down from the loft
Mutha Hubba Tent
Most of the gear we are taking

17 Days – perhaps it’s time to take inventory???

Time seems to be flying by us now and we both should and I say should start to really take stock in our inventory.  Make sure the camping stove works, sleeping bags don’t smell too badly, tent in once piece, stuff like that.  We have been both working a lot and energy is low just from being tired.

Maybe today we will start taking our gear down from the loft and even do some pre trip write up of all the “stuff” we need to bring or we think we should bring.

2 concerns we have when we leave is our elderly dog Xander who has been in heart failure for over 2 years and on tons of meds and our 18 year old cat Bo.  Both are ill but still appear to be thriving.  We just hope nothing happens to them while we are gone.  This was a worry last year and here we are in the same situation.  Our house sitters, Taylor and Dave are awesome and we trust them not only with our house but with the animals/kids.  We have 2 other dogs, Sierra and Cruizer.  Pics later.  In any case, they are in good hands and we wish them well and health when we are gone.

Exciting or Not????

Hopefully more pictures of the build on Tuesday or Wednesday to be taken by the manager of the dealer…Desi.

TESTING embedding videos

This is just a test video using the cameras we are bringing and also showing not only the bike we own now…but some of the wild life that is of interest to us.  Most likely will delete this post later but just wanted to see how this works on the BLOG….we also will be using helmet cams which are HD as well.  Neither one of us are professional editors so we will do the best we can to produce some interesting videos through out the trip. Most videos will be combination of photos and video…and a lot shorter…again just a TEST….

Good News! Bikes have arrived!

2 Crystal White Tiger 800 XC bikes have arrived Western Powersports but will most likely remain crated until early next week due to previous builds for other customers.  I want to get down to the dealer and take some pictures of the bikes in their boxes prior to the build.  Accessories have arrived as well, just need to take inventory. 

I guess this means we might be able to take possession mid to late next week.  Still leaving almost 2 weeks to get to know the Tiger’s prior to departure and add the few extra items we have gotten for the bikes as well.  Good to know they have indeed made a successful journey to Langley, BC!

Will they arrive today as expected?

That is what we have been told that the bikes arrive today at Western Powersports.  I would love to get some photos of the bikes coming out of the boxes and the build process.  If they come then we can start the real prep from start to end.  Crossing our fingers that we get the good news call today.

20 Days to go

We have been told the bikes are almost here?????

21 Days to go

Bikes are still not here!  Getting antsy!

Meet Our Family

Meet Laura and Alex….this is Cheryl’s sister and nephew…another face of a young child diagnosed with Autism. Alex is a beautiful boy with the help of ACT, therapists and the love and support of his family is beginning to thrive and develop into a fine young boy.

Please support ACT and know you are helping to support not only him and children just like him, but their families as well!

Meet Beautiful Nico & Charlie

Meet Nico! Nico is an active and inquisitive boy in our neighbourhood who enjoys riding his bike, skiing and playing with his dog Charlie. Nico was diagnosed with Autism several years ago and we have watched his incredible growth. Nico always brings a smile to our faces everytime we see him. Thanks to Nico’s parents Harry and Sue for the beautiful photo

“Thanks Cheryl and Leslie for participating in this very exciting adventure and worthy fundraiser. Like many families, we have benefited greatly from the work and support of ACT. We say this confidently both as parents of a child with Autism and as experienced educators. We provide you and your supporters with this photo of our wonderful son, Nico (and his dog, Charlie).

Harry and Sue

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