New York Bound – Happy US Thanksgiving

Heading to New York for US Thanksgiving.  Haven’t been back for this holiday in so long.  Time to be with family, see some more possible virtual friends and of course old friends alike.  Looking forward to getting out of town  – oops I have been out of town a lot lately on my bike but now I am flying.I love NY

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Tempe, Arizona – Sedona & Grand Canyon

June 2012 – Business & Pleasure (all pics are clickable for HiRez size)

June 15th – June 18th Leslie was taking a course about Hospital Development and Organ Donation.  Cheryl flew down on the 15th for some R & R while I was in my course.  Great course sponsored by NATCO and was useful to attend even though we do things much differently in Canada.

While we were away Cheryl’s cousin Taylor and boyfriend Dave took care of our “kids” and house…they have a little Chihuahua, Olive which made 4 dogs and an elderly cat for them to care for over a week. They always help out these “kids” and that also meant they were here for 44 days last summer while we were up north. We trust them immensely.

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Outta here on July 9th 2012

Finally we get to go away on our bikes for more than a long weekend.  This will not be an epic trip like last years 44 day Alaskan Adventure but it’s going to be a great trip just the same.  We will have our SPOT Connect with us on tracking too.  We do this not only for anyone who might want to follow but for our family and friends to keep an eye on us.  We hate using cell phones on the road and this is one way we can stay in touch with those we need to without using the phone.

We also can skype etc.  Technology comes in handy.  There will be live update on this BLOG, our Facebook pages as well as tons of pictures.  Anyone who follows this blog sure knows Leslie LOVES her pictures.  We are excited to head down to KLIM and see where our suits are made or come from at least.  We are looking forward to getting some off roads riding tips, meeting other ADV riders and enthusiasts.  Just excited to get outta of here and get away from our jobs and be together on the road.  That is where we feel our best.

Closer to departure date I will post the SPOTwalla page so if you feel lke you want to track where we are going you can see it live.  We have no idea really where we are going after Rigby, ID so everyone else will find out when we do.  😉

More info on this 2 weeks adventure on the next few weeks.  WE can not wait! 🙂

(remember to breathe) Alberta (Watch in HD)

This has to be the most beautiful Tourism commercial I have ever seen….Great ALBERTAN style.  If anyone does not know what parts of Canada look like watch this and drool!  Well done!

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BMW Motorrad – RawHyde Adventure Camp

Thanks Kathy for posting this on our FB page!

This should have followed my post from May 2nd, 2012 click here

Attending Adventure Camp with RawHyde Adventures, the official BMW Motorrad off-road training academy in North America, will greatly improve your off-road motorcycle skills and will open the doors to your adventure lifestyle, helping you become part of a global adventure motorcycle community. Your all-inclusive, semi-rustic weekend spent at RawHyde will create skills, memories and relationships that last a lifetime. -Teaching you and allowing you to do things on a motorcycle that you never thought you could do. Learn in a building-block manner starting from the very basics, then take your achievements to the next level, gently guided by your BMW Training Coach. Bring your own bike or rent one from RawHyde. Both beginner classes and advanced classes available. All dual-sport makes are welcome. Continue reading “BMW Motorrad – RawHyde Adventure Camp”

Out of over 3500 pictures here are more of our Favs

Really like this picture

Cheryl and her Sour Toe Cocktail certificate from the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City

Look at what Cheryl is looking at……too cute this little squirrel was

The Dempster Storm
The Truck that stopped to tell us a motorcycle dude died the day before

Happy to be back on pavement after the ride out of the Dempster
Scott, Kristine and John, our Dempster Buds!
One of many baths
The toe in the Sour Toe Cocktail! Ewwwwwwwwwwww

To be Continued!  🙂

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